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  • Summary: Bobby Green has turned his back on the family business. The popular manager of El Caribe, the legendary Russian-owned nightclub in Brooklyn's Brighton Beach, he has changed his last name and concealed his connection to a long line of distinguished New York cops. For Bobby, every night is a party; he greets friends and customers or dances with his beautiful Puerto Rican girlfriend, Amada, in a haze of cigarette smoke and disco music. But it's 1988, and New York City's drug trade is escalating. Bobby tries to keep a friendly distance from the Russian gangster who is operating out of the nightclub--a gangster who is being targeted by his brother, Joseph, an up-and-coming NYPD officer, as well as his father, Burt, the legendary deputy chief of police. (Columbia Pictures) Expand
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  1. At its core, it's an exploration of the demands and obligations of brotherly love, staged with honesty, originality and a surprising spark of intelligence.
  2. 75
    Whatever the case, We Own The Night plays like a masterpiece because it skillfully appropriates actual masterpieces, not because it earns the label on its own merits.
  3. 75
    This is an atmospheric, intense film, well acted, and when it's working it has a real urgency.
  4. Reviewed by: Ken Fox
    Phoenix gives a nice performance as a man caught between loyalties but blind to the realities all around him, but Gray's screenplay is filled with clunky, Dr. Phil-sounding aphorisms that stop the movie cold.
  5. 60
    It's a bare-knuckled crime drama set in 1988 that stylistically could have been made that year and emphasizes Gray's strengths as a director while drawing attention to his limitations as a writer.
  6. 50
    Too slow to be a guilty pleasure and too dumb to be an innocent one.
  7. Gray's signature long takes and overhead shots are in evidence and add to the film's fatalistic tone, and one rainy car-chase sequence is a real keeper. But, overall, it's impossible to shake the film's gloomy sense of eternal repetition.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 7 out of 24
  1. Oct 29, 2013
    Como dicen la mayoria que vieron esta pelicula, "We Own the Night" intenta recrear el aspecto de las peliculas de genero policiaco de los '70, y lo logra, pero no llega a gustarle a los espectadores.En mi opinion, esta pelicula me gusto, porque tuvo una atmosfera oscura, de la que disfrute mucho.Me gusto mucho la actuacion de Joaquin Phoenix. Expand
  2. Mar 14, 2011
    This movie just didn't cut it. A guy (J. Phoenix) doesn't go from being a nightclub manager inside a drug den to becoming a decorated cop simply because his high-ranking father got killed. Mark Wahlberg gets shot execution style but lives... only in the movies. The plot lines aren't well developed. The viewer never gets to identify with any of the characters because they're all generic stereotypes, and many of the scenes are incredibly boring. I'm glad I watched this on DVD and could use the fast-forward button; an hour-and-45 minute flick took just 45 minutes to watch, and it still lacked entertainment value. Expand

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