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  • Summary: Living on the edge amid the constant threat of attack, an offbeat band of TV journalists, lead by hotshot Jimmy Flynn (Harrelson), report from a devastated war-torn country. The action intensifies when one of the journalists crosses the line and risks his life in a bold attempt to smuggle an orphaned girl to safety. (BV Entertainment) Expand
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  1. Reviewed by: Tom Meek
    The result is crisp, brutal and utterly inspirational.
  2. The power comes from Winterbottom's rigorous sense of storytelling, which manages to show and tell terrible tales without telegraphing emotionalism
  3. 88
    Bleak, darkly humorous and surprisingly unsentimental, Michael Winterbottom's film has the desperate air of a cri de coeur, and unlike many fiction films about war, its use of real-life footage seems in no way inappropriate or exploitative.
  4. Reviewed by: Mike Clark
    Shot in semidocumentary fashion, it builds to a more visceral climax than one initially expects. [26Nov1997 Pg.09.D]
  5. But if the modestly budgeted film (loosely based on journalist Michael Nicholson's factual narrative, "Natasha's Story") lopes along a formulaic, often heavy-handed track, its pictures and subtext make a powerful statement. [9Jan1998 Pg. N.41]
  6. But bearing witness can be a complex thing and in its concern to illuminate Sarajevo is prone to overkill, to trying too hard to squeeze in every troubling wartime incident.
  7. Reviewed by: Matt Roth
    It keeps the gag quotient lower than Reds but has a similar effect: more urgent in its desire to make us care about the events it depicts, it nonetheless reduces the war in Bosnia to mere scenery for the hackneyed journey of a world-weary journalist from cynicism to caring activism.

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