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  1. 38
    I was not a fan of Albert Brooks's "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" (2005), but Brooks, at least, seemed willing to concede before it was over that his movie was a terrible idea. Spurlock seems opportunistically optimistic.
  2. Everywhere he goes he asks if anybody knows bin Laden's whereabouts – as if anybody is going to tell him! Why should we accompany him on his self-aggrandizing trip?
  3. 30
    The narrative emphasizes how much danger Spurlock is in and how noble he is to embark on all this while his wife is back in the U.S. expecting their first child; it's a little insulting to all the real reporters who've died in the field looking for hard information, not weak indie comedy.
  4. Reviewed by: Jessica Reaves
    Morgan Spurlock is a living, breathing cautionary tale. Take a good, long look, kids: This is what happens when society validates really annoying people.
  5. 25
    One of my critical brethren opined that this sort of dumbing-down and low comedy may be the only way to sell the public a movie about the Iraq war. If that's true, God help us.
  6. A film so self-centered that even the director's most dedicated stalkers might find it a bit too narcissistic.
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  1. Apr 6, 2012
    I want the world to be better for my soon-to-be-born child Maybe I should take note and hunt down Morgan Spurlock.

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  2. CharlesP.
    Jan 4, 2009
    I enjoyed the premis and was impressed with Spurlock's ability to connect with an assortment of people. The ending was a bit weak, but so is the so-called "war on terror." Full Review »
  3. KenG
    Nov 10, 2008
    I found this interesting and somewhat informative. I don't know why a lot of critics have a problem with this movie, other then maybe they found it to be politcally incorrect in some ways. This wouldn't be the 1st time critics attacked a movie for that reason. In fact, a lot of critics seem to have missed the point of this movie. Despite the title, it had little to do with an actual search for Bin Laden, (although, that played a little into it). Most of this had to do with exploring the cultures that created Bin Laden, and see what various people in those cultures had to say about Bin Laden, terrorism, and America. It had to do with trying to understand the world that Bin Laden grew out of. Full Review »