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  • Summary: It's early autumn of 1975 in Brooklyn and 18 year-old Brian Leary is killing time, pulling off petty crimes with his street tough older brother Danny, whom he both idolizes and fears. They both live with their parents, Paddy, a longshoreman, and his long suffering wife, Margaret who puts up with Paddy's drinking and abusive behavior, especially to her and Danny. Though Paddy has never been physically abusive to Brian, every time he sees his brother's suffering, his heart breaks a little more. Brian works for Whitey at the failing Lafayette movie theater. Owing money to local mobsters, Whitey calls in a favor to an old friend who works with The Rolling Stones. They come up with a deal to have the Stones play at Whitey's theater for one night only before their gig at Madison Square Garden and Brian is put in charge of getting the word out to everyone in the neighborhood. In the twists and turns that follow on the night of the concert, both brothers must reexamine their dreams, and make decisions that will change their lives forever. (Screen Media Films)

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  1. Reviewed by: Kyle Smith
    Mar 25, 2011
    Writer-director John Gray, who created "Ghost Whisperer" on TV, is a son of Brooklyn whose love for the borough is as thick as a pint of Guinness, and he keeps finding fresh ways to present familiar plot points.
  2. Reviewed by: Rex Reed
    Mar 22, 2011
    A thoughtful coming-of-age story with bracing performances, solid writing and direction by John Gray and inescapable take-home values that give you a feel-good lift.
  3. Reviewed by: Joe Leydon
    Mar 21, 2011
    A modestly engaging domestic drama that earns few points for originality but rewards aud attention with persuasive performances, outbursts of robust humor and a vivid yet understated evocation of time and place.
  4. Reviewed by: Michael Atkinson
    Mar 22, 2011
    Even though Gray is no raw-boned rookie-he has made TV movies for decades, plus, back in the day, a single Steven Seagal floater-his movie is rather inexcusably obvious, going for "troot," but recycling dese-dose-dem clichés already pressed into plastic lumber 25 years ago.
  5. Reviewed by: Rick Groen
    Mar 24, 2011
    From that title on down, White Irish Drinkers is a compendium of clichés struggling to upgrade its status and become a respectable archetype.
  6. Reviewed by: Robert Abele
    Mar 24, 2011
    The clichés are what make White Irish Drinkers a drearily predictable bout, so much so that the decent last-round plot twist that momentarily dazes is immediately undercut by the sappy, life-changing-fuh-EV-uh jab telegraphed from the beginning.
  7. Reviewed by: Elvis Mitchell
    Mar 24, 2011
    As you might have guessed from its title, Drinkers is as full of cheap sentimentality and predictable behavior as a Hell's Kitchen bar would have been in the 1970s.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 16
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  1. Mar 29, 2011
    This film makes you feel like a twenty-something stuck in Brooklyn, trying to make it out of an abusive home without succumbing to the world of crime that surrounds you. Nick Thurston is that good that he makes you feel like your in the movie. The story is completely relatable, yet unpredictable. The surpise ending was really a kicker. All of the characters are loveable and the 1970s Brooklyn scenery is on point! I would love to see this movie again. I would definitely recommend it for your next movie date! Expand
  2. Mar 29, 2011
    Real knockout movie. I didn't expect much from it because I hadn't seen much of it outside of the trailer. but BOY was I blown away. Nick Thurston delivered an astounding breakout performance and the Brooklyn! I strongly recommend this film for its surprisingly in-depth commentary on family and the main force driving the protagonist, Brian. Expand
  3. Apr 24, 2011
    This was a FANTASTIC movie and I hope it gets more theatre exposure!! Such a compelling story of how so often fear affects our choices and actions... and how the choices we make regarding the people we choose to care about and manner in which we choose to care is whats it all about. We don't get to choose plenty in our live's (like our parents, our gender, etc....) - but we do get to make choices about who and what matters! Great movie and great acting / direction! Collapse
  4. Mar 29, 2011
    White Irish Drinkers opened this weekend at the Sunshine Cinema in New York, and I have to admit â
  5. Apr 1, 2011
    GREAT movie. The acting and the story were incredible. Nick Thurston did a fantastic job with his role. I was not expecting much with this film, but i left the theater wanting more. The family drama and crime are very captivating. I would definitely recommend this movie. Expand
  6. Apr 8, 2011
    Can't believe I hadn't heard anything about this film before; just saw it at Laemmle Sunset 5 in LA on recommendation of a friend. I am still thinking about it. The family reminds me of my own (Framingham MA in the '80's, not Brooklyn New York in the '70s, but it doesn't matter, it's universal)..realistically shows the residual harm an alcoholic family can cause, but also shows how love can survive and conquer, even among those unable to express it. Nick Thurston is a star in the making. Stephen Lang and Karen Allen should win Oscars. So much to think about. May see it again. No exaggeration. GO!!! Expand
  7. Feb 22, 2013
    White Irish Drinkers is a coming of age story, centered around a boy who doesn't quite fit in with the rest of his dysfunctional family. It's a common theme in many similar films and to be honest, I didn't see anything here, that made this movie stand out from the rest of them. This is just another coming of age film without many surprises. The story wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special. The acting was OK, as was the pace of the film. I'm finding it really difficult to say anything positive or negative about White Irish Drinkers, because the truth is, it's just a simple, ordinary story that I've seen a hundred times before. The names and places always change, and there was a familiar face or two, but nothing about this film stands out positively or negatively in any way. It's just a very common type of story with a very ordinary cast. Everyone does their job and the story gets told, I don't know what you'll think, but my reaction to this film was simple neutrality. A decent movie, but easily forgotten, as nothing made any kind of impact on me at all. Expand

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