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  1. An intriguing look at the effects on one man's life; whether they're worth the cost is something Steinbauer leaves up to us.
  2. Cast aside any preconceived expectations you might have regarding this documentary and remember simply this: Winnebago Man is one of the best films you're going to see all year.
  3. 63
    The only real tension the documentary has, once Steinbauer has his first meeting with Rebney, is whether the filmmaker is celebrating him more than exploiting him.
  4. The movie is really best enjoyed as a fun little addendum to a profanity-laden chapter in New Media history.
  5. 80
    This engrossing documentary widens to consider the phenomenon of viral videos and the humiliation they can bring to their sometimes unsuspecting victims.
  6. 75
    Although we find out a lot about this virtual hermit and develop an admiration for his cantankerous principles, the movie leaves some questions unanswered.
  7. What this film is really about is how interconnected we all are, like it or not, on the Internet, and how alluring and alarming this can be.
  8. Whenever Rebney gets to be Rebney -- be it insulting, sweet or wearily perturbed -- "-Winnebago Man shows a full tank of irascible charm.
  9. 70
    An earnest and occasionally poignant attempt to penetrate Rebney's potent man-on-fire image and explore the impact of becoming an Internet sideshow.
  10. 75
    A highly entertaining first-person documentary .
  11. Reviewed by: Ian Buckwalter
    The director wants him to engage his "audience," but Rebney -- as misanthropic as one would expect of a man who lives alone in a remote rural cabin -- only wants to talk about politics.
  12. 83
    Ultimately, a heart in the film to go with Rebney's considerable bile.
  13. Reviewed by: Sam Adams
    Tracking down Rebney proved to be no easy task. But Steinbauer found him, living on a mountain in California, and spends much of the film trying to get Rebney to reckon with his unsought celebrity, which Rebney had only recently become aware of.
  14. A little movie with a lot of hilarious swearing and an unexpectedly big heart.
  15. 75
    Steinbauer's eagerness to draw information--and, let's face it, exclusive new clips--out of his recalcitrant subject borders on exploitation at times, but the smart, cagey Rebney has an agenda of his own that Steinbauer can't entirely control or define. The documentary gives him a forum to be his funny, irreducible self, which is a luxury the accidentally famous are rarely afforded.
  16. A film that starts out as a gimmick but winds up as a genuinely touching character study, though one does wonder whether that is what the filmmaker initially intended.
  17. A small, mildly entertaining documentary.
  18. 60
    What started as an underground goof ended up becoming a fascinating foul-mouthed curio; though it aims for profundity, Winnebago Man seems destined to suffer the same fate.
  19. Reviewed by: Eddie Cockrell
    A curious young helmer tracks down the profanity-spewing subject of a two-decade-old viral video with results at once scabrously funny and uncomfortably poignant.
  20. 70
    Rebney's good-natured calm and apparent indifference to his Internet notoriety initially foils the filmmaker. Hoping to re-create the original clip reel, Steinbauer is nonplussed and abashed. Was it all an act--or is this? Pay your money and find out.
  21. People might have laughed at the old Jack Rebney, but they were laughing at themselves as well. And counting their blessings. Everyone has a cranky side. Unlike Mr. Rebney's, it isn't usually gawked at by 20 million people.
  22. Reviewed by: Rachael Saslow
    Entertaining and thoughtful documentary.
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  1. Feb 24, 2012
    This documentary is excellent not because of the internet portion of the film, but it demonstrates how the older generation just doesn'tThis documentary is excellent not because of the internet portion of the film, but it demonstrates how the older generation just doesn't understand the younger generation and technology. Full Review »