Al Rios

Biography: Al Rios, together with Jon Weiss, appeared in season four of the reality TV show, The Amazing Race, to compete for the $1 million grand prize. CBS has identified their team with the "Best Friends/Clowns" tag. They made it in top four, but were eliminated in the eleventh episode. Al currently works as a substitute teacher and as a cruise ship entertainer. He holds a BA in Special Education. He is a "people person" and no stranger to traveling. When he was in the circus, he lived on a train for six years traveling the US, in a trailer for 1½ years in Europe and on a cruise ship for two years in the Caribbean. Prior to the race, he has been to the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Estonia, Morocco, France Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. He considers himself "friendly, determined, outgoing, compassionate and emotional." He fears heights and eating "yecchy things," getting sick with no help, or "getting stuck in a life-threatening situation with no way out."

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tbd The Amazing Race: Season 4 May 29, 2003 Eliminated 9th With Jon Weiss (Season Four) 6.0