Barry Williams

Biography: Barry William Blenkhorn grew up in Santa Monica, California and after he turned 4 years old he became one of those annoying kids who were bound and determined to get into show business. He was neighbors with actor Peter Graves whom he idolised and asked for advice on how to become an actor and his response was that he just thought about it. At the age of 11 he changed his name from Barry William Blenkhorn to Barry Williams he then got an acting coach and took some scene study courses in Sherman Oaks and took courses for film and television techniques which later he landed a lead role in an educational school industrial called Why Johnny Can Read and landed roles in TV commercials. Then he had guest roles in TV shows such as Run for Your Life, Here Come the Brides, It Takes a Thief, Marcus Welby MD and Mission: Impossible but then success came for him when he landed the role of Greg Brady in the Blockbuster hit family sitcom series The Brady Bunch. After the first season him and his TV siblings made a Christmas album signed by Paramount Records which sold terribly as critics called them 6 kids who couldn't sing so Barry took singing lessons and released a single by the same record company called "Sweet Sweetheart" hoping to have a solo album released but producers thought he should wait for that moment while he was making records with his TV siblings as they made 3 more records, did summer tours and had their own animated TV series The Brady Kids on which some of their songs were featured. After the series ended in 1974 Barry started performing solo in concerts and then took up musical theatre and landed numerous successful roles in shows like Pippin, West Side Story, Oklahoma, Movie Star, Grease, The Music Man, Romance/Romance, City of Angels and The Sound of Music and still did the odd acting appearance in front of the camera like in Police Woman, Three's Company, Highway to Heaven, Murder She Wrote and a stint on the daytime soap General Hospital and the MTV series S Club 7 in Hollywood as well as in all the Brady Bunch reunion shows. In 1978 he did try taking a shot at pursuing a solo career and signed up with Private Stock records but their label went out of business, but however in 1999 he did release a tribute album called "The Return of Johnny Bravo" doing cover songs that expressed him as a singer as well as celebrating 30 years of The Brady Bunch. He continues to do musical theatre as well as touring with his music and public speaking. Expand

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tbd Celebrity Bootcamp: Season 1 Sep 30, 2002 Himself-Dismissed 3rd tbd
tbd The Brady Bunch: Season 5 Sep 14, 1973 Greg Brady tbd
tbd The Brady Bunch: Season 4 Sep 22, 1972 Greg Brady tbd
tbd The Brady Bunch: Season 3 Sep 17, 1971 Greg Brady 10
tbd The Brady Bunch: Season 2 Sep 25, 1970 Greg Brady tbd
tbd The Brady Bunch: Season 1 Sep 26, 1969 Greg Brady tbd