Chris DeRose

Biography: Chris was a New Jersey police officer in 1969-1970
He moved to California to become an actor.
When a dog that had been brutally experimented on died in his arms he vowed to fight for animals everywhere, and has.
(1985)Chris is Founder of Last Chance For Animals, an animal rights/activist group.
(1988) Founder of The Sunset Greens
(1985) Founder of New Hope for Animals Foundation
(1986) Founder of Citizens to save our pets - a political lobbying group
Chris has been arrested 11 times for protesting animal experimentation including the renowned break-in at the UCLA Brain Research Institute in 1988.
Sentenced to LA county jail [ the toughest jail in the USA] 4 times - once with 45 days in the hole and once with 90days in solitary. All for protesting animal experimentation.

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