Colin Mortensen

Biography: Colin Mortensen is most well known for his involvement on MTV's Real World: Hawaii. Mortensen was a 2nd year student at UC Berkeley, and went to a casting call, joined with fellow classmate and best friend, Trevor. Mortensen was originally rejected from the show, but after hosting the reject episode, he was called to join the cast. After living in the "Real World" house, Mortensen joined the cast of MYOB as AJ, along side Gilmore Girl's Lauren Grahm (plays Lorelei on Gilmore Girls). MYOB, however, was cancelled. Mortenson assisted Kimberly Kirberger write "Teen Love: A Journal on Relationship" Mortensen now runs his own website, and wrote a book, "A New Ladies Man". He also visits colleges and speaks on various topics, including Reality Check. Check "Reality Check is a teenage led New York movement that exposes the lies, manipulation tactics, and overall trickery of the tobacco industry—specifically focusing on how Big Tobacco sets out to hook teenagers on their lethal drug through various marketing and advertising techniques.: (Taken from Colin's Website) Expand

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tbd The Real World / Road Rules Challenge: Season 6 Dec 30, 2002 (rw8) Battle Of The Sexes tbd
tbd The Real World: Season 8 Jun 15, 1999 Season 8 - Hawaii tbd