Hal Ozsan

Biography: Born on the Mediterranian island of Cyprus and raised in east London, Ozsan's exotic good-looks are made all the more charming by his rougish cockney accent.

He was educated at the prestigious Brentwood School(Douglas Adams-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/ Jack Straw-British Cabinet Politician) where he was by all accounts was quite a notorious character. While still at school he won the Mayor of Essex's award for a play he co-wrote/co-starred in, and was honored with a school distinction tie for Drama.
He moved to Los Angeles sometime between 1995-98 and began working as an actor almost immediately in over a dozen Guest-Starring and Recurring roles, and in independant films.

He is currently (2003) a regular on Dawson's Creek playing the
tempestuous film director Todd Carr that Dawson is protoge to.

He lives in Hollywood with his actress girlfriend.

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Highest Metascore: 73 Killzone: Shadow Fall
Lowest Metascore: 73 Killzone: Shadow Fall
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73 Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4) Nov 15, 2013 Voice: Gresham 6.9