Judson Mills

Biography: Judson Mills was born in Washington, DC and grew up in northern Virginia. His house was actually built by George Washington when he was a young surveyor in the area, and is a historical landmark. Mills grew up hunting and fishing and was most interested in sports, particularly football. Not until his senior year did he even involve himself in the Theatre. Judson attended a private school for his junior and senior year called High Mowing in Wilton, New Hampshire. It is a Waldorph school, and therefore rich with history and the arts. There, during his senior year, Mills was pushed into performing in his first play and received a "standing ovation" after his relatively brief cameo. This approval met Judson's liking and thus he began pursuing a career in acting. Judson first attended a liberal arts college in Miami, Florida called Barry University, but realized quickly that training in New York was what he needed if he really wanted to succeed. He packed up and moved to Long Island with the intention of attending the prestigious "American Academy of Dramatic Arts", where such greats as Spencer Tracy and Kirk Douglas trained. Upon arrival Mills settled a bit and then set up his audition for the famous school. Only 250 people are accepted each year, and of those, only 60 are asked back to the second, final year.

Judson was accepted and trained for two years at "The Academy", studying Stanislovsky, Misner, and countless other necessary "skills", such as vocal production, Shakespeare, dialects, fencing, and performed in countless scenes and productions. After being thrown out of "The Academy" two weeks before graduation (having the lead in the year's final production), Mills was left wondering what direction he might choose next. His bold, reckless personality would prove to be an asset as well as a handicap throughout his career.

While being made an example of, for his tardiness and absences, was humbling, it also fueled his drive, and only two weeks later "As the World Turns" (the long running Soap Oprea) called the American Academy because they could not find the actor they wanted for a summer romance storyline and thought perhaps there was someone there. Fortunately, they spoke to a faculty member who was a friend and fan of Judsons and recommended him for the audition. Judson went to his first audition and ended up booking the role!

Mills spent two and a half years on the show and laid the foundation for the rest of his career. Upon leaving "World Turns" Mills immediately booked an episode of "Law and Order", which was the only other TV show being done in NY in 1993. Judson realized fame and fortune lay in sunny California and one Thursday afternoon he left everything behind (litterally, he left everything in his apartment!) and moved to Hollywood.

The cocky young actor landed a role in a made for TV movie starring Alyssa Milano and Jamie Lunar almost immediately, proving that obtaining work would not be a problem. Mills struggles would always surround his personal life and the attention people demanded of him.

At 22 Mills had landed in Hollywood, and was already well on his way to stardom. His long time friend and photographer Dino May became Judson's Manager as well as mentor. Dino would prove to be not only a great manager, but family, sticking by Judson and helping him through the confusing road to success in the entertainment industry. Over the next ten or twelve years Mills would Guest star on 25 or 30 TV shows including "NYBD Blue", "Jag", "Murder, She Wrote", "Beverly Hills, 90210", "The X-Files", and "CSI:Miami". He also broke into feature films, starting in independents like "American Perfekt" with Paul Sorvino, Robert Forester, Amanda Plummer, and David Thewles, "Joyride" starring Tobey McGuire, Benicio DelToro, and Adam West. Judson's first starring role in a "Studio Film" was as the surfer dude pitcher Hog Ellis, in the third installment in the Major League trilogy, Morgan Creek's "Major League, Back to the Minors". He also went on to work with such greats as Cuba Gooding Jr., in "Chill Factor", Sir Ian McClellan and Brendon Frasier in the Academy Award nominated "Gods and Monsters", and Charlize Theron and Bill Paxton in Disney's "Mighty Joe Young".

Most recently the up and coming star spent two years in Dallas with Chuck Norris filming the last 52 episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger". The Norris family (Chuck, his brother Aaron, and son Eric) proved to be a valuable friendship when after finishing "Walker" they continued working together filming the movie of the week "Presidents Man II, Thin Line in the Sand". The movie drew 16 million plus viewers opposite the Golden Globe Awards in the Sunday evenings line-up and was set to be a series, only to be shelved amidst the country's anguish over the horrors of 9-11.

Judson lives in Los Angeles now and has a beautiful 8 year old son named Dalton, as well as a beautiful new son named Jagger. He has remarried and is very happy with his 2 sons and new wife, Morgan. Although his career has been coupled with personal difficulty as well as continued success he remains forever optimistic and strives always to be a better father and friend.

He is very close to his Mother and Father, who have been married 37 years, as well as his brother and sister -in-law, who are in the entertainment industry as well. Dino continues to be Judson's manager and friend.

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