Kathy Gray

Biography: Kathy is a true counterpart to her edgy husband, Steve. She's the straight-talker with a peppy twist. A veteran conference speaker turned sketch comedienne, Kathy is multi-talented and shines in The Steve & Kathy Show. She may play "Edith Bunker" or "Paula Abdul" in this week's sketches, but she is always "Kathy." Her warmth and engaging manner always shines through on The Steve & Kathy Show. Viewers connect easily with her passion as she encourages and inspires them, giving them hope, healing and restoration. Her experience helping people gives a compassionate depth to the show. Kathy has been married to Steve for 33 years, and has worked alongside him traveling, singing, performing and ministering to people. She helped Steve lead the "Smithton Outpouring," which attracted over 250,000 visitors from 70 nations to a town of 532 and now works with him in Kansas City, MO.

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tbd The Steve & Kathy Show: Season 3 Sep 14, 2008 Hostess/Barbara tbd
tbd The Steve & Kathy Show: Season 2 Jul 1, 2007 Hostess tbd
tbd The Steve & Kathy Show: Season 1 Apr 29, 2006 Hostess tbd