Laurie Metcalf

Biography: Laurie Metcalf is probably best known as the relationship-challenged Jackie Harris on Roseanne. She grew up in the small Illinois town of Edwardsville where she took ballet, played baseball, and was an honor student in school. Her acting career began many years prior as one of the founding members of Chicago's famed Steppenwolf Theatre in her home state of Illinois. It was there she first worked with such fine actors as John Malkovich, Glenne Headley, and Gary Sinise. Soon she was brought on as a performer on Saturday Night Live for their 1981 cast, but appeared in only one episode before the season abruptly ended due to a writer's strike. She was not asked back in the fall. Had a previous marriage with co-founder of Steppenwolf Theatre, Jeff Perry. They also worked together on another project - a little girl, Zoe Perry, in 1984. Laurie is married to Matt Roth, who played her boyfriend Fisher on Roseanne. They have a son together, Will Theron Metcalf, born November 20, 1993.

Since Roseanne, Laurie has done several voice-overs and did the voice of the mom in both Toy Story films.

She has semi-retired to private life and is contemplating either writing or teaching ballet.

Laurie Metcalf's Scores

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Average career score: 63
Highest Metascore: 92 Toy Story
Lowest Metascore: 25 Georgia Rule
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 8
  2. Negative: 1 out of 8
8 movie reviews
Title: Year: Credit: User score:
92 Toy Story 3 Jun 18, 2010 Andy's Mom 9.1
25 Georgia Rule May 11, 2007 Paula 5.7
61 Meet the Robinsons Mar 30, 2007 Lucille Krunklehorn 6.4
40 Beer League Sep 15, 2006 Artie's Mom 6.7
60 Treasure Planet Nov 5, 2002 Sarah Hawkins 7.8
88 Toy Story 2 Nov 24, 1999 Andy's Mom 8.7
92 Toy Story Nov 22, 1995 Andy's Mom 9.0
51 Uncle Buck Aug 16, 1989 Marcie Dahlgren-Frost 8.2