Matt Doran

Biography: Matt Doran.The Australian actor Matt Doran (full name Matthew j. Doran) from the well known aussie drama "Home and Away" as Damian Roberts and played his role as Damian from 1992 to 1996 and Damian left summer bay to go to collage in 1995 yet he was leagly in the show in 1995.While on "Home and Away" he got along well with Dieter (Who played Shane on "home and Away".) and they often had loads of fun Dieter found Matt "hilarious", as they lived at the oppisite end of Sydney,they could not socialise often after work.This young aussie actor born march,30,1976 may look 16 or 17 in "The Matrix" is 25 as of march,30,2001 , he also dopped his wonderful aussie accent to play mouse in "The Matrix" He attended "The WA Film and TV Academy for 2 years,while there he received awards for Best performance and Most improved student.He graduated in 1991 and got the lead role of Grommet in "Pirates island" and appered on the aussie TV show "E street".This led to his 4 year role as Damian Roberts in "Home and Away" during his time on "Home and Away" he bacame a "Teen Harthrobe" in Australia aka "Home and Away's Teen Harthrobe".His hobbies are motorcycle racing,soccer,,rugby,skatebording tennis,surfing and ice skating.His star sign is Aries (ruled by mars).His big break was "Home and Away".His favorite music is anything by the doors and Led zppelin.Favorite people are Mel Gibson,michelle pfeiffer,Elle macpherson and Sir anthony hopkins.his favorite food in lasagna of anything italian.His favorite tv show and film is the simpsons and Nightmare on Elm Street.His Favorite drink is milk.His greatest fear is and i quote "dying , i want to live forever". "people laugh at me because embarrasing things happen to me evreyday; i trip over all the time-over wires ,stairs,chairs,the lot."-Matt Doran
Matt Doran is without a doubt a devoted actor and soon to become a shooting star in Australia to Hollywood!

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tbd Home and Away: Season 8 Jan 16, 1995 Damian Roberts (1992-1995, Recurring Thereafter) tbd
tbd Home and Away: Season 7 Jan 10, 1994 Damian Roberts (1992-1995, Recurring Thereafter) tbd
tbd Home and Away: Season 6 Jan 11, 1993 Damian Roberts (1992-1995, Recurring Thereafter) tbd
tbd Home and Away: Season 5 Jan 6, 1992 Damian Roberts (1992-1995, Recurring Thereafter) tbd