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1919 movie reviews
  1. This is unhinged genius, an amazing piece of acting. Brutal, yes, but magnetic all the same.
  2. It is intended for an audience that is willing to take a journey without knowing the destination.
  3. The acting in Black Mass is tremendous.
  4. The world Bell creates in In a World ... is so agreeable and inviting you’ll enjoy the visit.
  5. This is a really good movie made by a terrific talent, stunningly shot and confidently directed.
  6. The heists are bigger, the illusions are flashier, and the pace is quicker. Even the cast is livelier and more fun. Perhaps best of all, the movie captures the first film’s twisty ability to twirl an audience around, so you’re never entirely sure what’s happened until everything is explained.
  7. Even more than an expose of bad reporting and social hysteria, The Witness is an intimate exercise in grief and healing
  8. It’s a zombie movie that, amidst the giddy bloodshed, allows room for philosophical questions about our fundamental responsibilities to one another. It may not be something we’ve never seen before, but it’s something we can benefit from seeing again.
  9. Rodriguez and Taylor are terrific. Their confidence is infectious, yet they never let us forget the challenges their lives offer.
  10. Winocour has crafted such a tightly coiled film that once violence finally erupts, it's more of a letdown than an emotional release. But the movie still works, both for its bracing ability to keep a viewer on edge and the sheer force of Schoenaerts' performance.
  11. Indignation sneaks up on you, and that may be its greatest difference from the blockbuster mentality. Its explosions are quieter, but just as destructive.
  12. Individually Christmas and Robinson are outstanding. Together they are even better, making Morris from America an unexpected treat.
  13. It’s nearly impossible to sit through The Sapphires without a smile on your face. It’s a little shallow, sure, but, as with the girls’ troubles, when they open their mouths to sing everything feels like it’s going to be all right.
  14. Gleason is disturbing, brave and compelling, which is exactly what it needs to be.
  15. Shining is nothing new for McKellen, a brilliant actor, and it's interesting to see how he and Condon portray Holmes' faculties at different times.
  16. Picks up where the first film left off, literally, and offers at least as many laughs (if not more for adults), retaining the goofy attitude. Cameron and Pearn throw a lot at the wall, just like their predecessors, and most of it sticks.
  17. Isn't the happiest movie about a band you'll ever see, but it is one of the more entertaining, and thanks to directors Lev Anderson and Christ Metzler, one of the most original.
  18. A sense of dread permeates The Conjuring from the start, and it’s delightful.
  19. Boorman retains the sense of melancholy and, ultimately, optimism from the first film. That, coupled with excellent portrayals of what could have been stock war-movie characters, makes Queen and Country a worthy follow-up to a classic.
  20. The Midwife is one of those movies that could be about anything and you’d watch, so enjoyable are its lead actors.
  21. As a portrait of modern warfare, politics and propaganda, Coriolanus is intriguing, even if the gritty action sequences don't quite measure up to the realism of "The Hurt Locker."
  22. What’s so terrific about Stiller’s performance is that we never question his genuine love for his son. He’s just got to work through his love for himself to get there.
  23. The movie boasts a tricky structure, but director Jonathan Teplitzky ("Burning Man") does an expert job of sewing together the World War II moments with sequences set in the '80s.
  24. It's almost as difficult to sit through Starred Up as it is satisfying to watch it.
  25. We aren't used to comedies that make us squirm like this. That doesn't mean they aren't worth our time. This Is 40 is.
  26. There are lots of laughs - a commercial Spurlock makes for Mane 'n Tail shampoo is hilarious.
  27. The cinematography is outstanding, revealing the harsh beauty of the land. And the terrific. The burden rests on Eid’s shoulders, and he more than carries it. He’s a natural, showing us Theeb’s curiosity, loyalty and ingenuity while still retaining the innocence of a boy who has been sheltered from the world outside the desert.
  28. A satisfying story of yearning and, eventually, satisfaction.
  29. With a movie like this, trying to guess how it ends isn't the point. Enjoying the ride is, and on that front, Unstoppable delivers.
  30. What's really cool about the film - in addition to Jake Gyllenhaal's performance as Stevens - is how Jones makes sure that we don't know any more than Stevens does, right up till the end.

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