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  1. If it's a good heist movie you're after, there are surely better ways to go than with this limp caper.
  2. If Affleck stumbles, Smith's script does nothing to catch his fall. Surprisingly, Smith's truest talent – that of writing – is Jersey Girl's weakest link.
  3. Delgo is a dud.
  4. A movie designed without a proper foundation -- it feels as though it might crumble at any minute.
  5. It's all a bit of overkill.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    It’s cheesy and contrived, but even the most watered-down stories retain elements of the original masterpieces.
  6. Coppola never manages to get his themes to coalesce into anything terribly coherent.
  7. Surely something more original than this could have been mined from the history of North America’s largest and most professional police force. As it is, though, Johnson’s film is just firing blanks.
  8. There’s something earnest and forthright about the movie, despite its misguided execution.
  9. A mildly diverting comedy but has little of real substance to recommend it.
  10. The fictionalization of their journey is simply not that engrossing, nor are their alter egos, with their tightly scripted character arcs.
  11. How much better this would have been had someone like Brian De Palma stepped behind the camera.
  12. Franco Zeffirelli's contrived autobiographical film about his youth in fascist Italy has little social grace -- it's embarrassingly awkward, like a dilettante playing the doyenne.
  13. The lengths to which a parent will go to save a child can be gut-wrenching stuff, but Waist Deep rarely hits you in the pit of your stomach. Blame it on the lame screenplay, which unwisely (and badly) gravitates more toward the crime-spree elements of "Bonnie and Clyde" than the fierce parental instincts of, say, "Kramer vs. Kramer" or "Lorenzo's Oil."
  14. Across-the-board, the kids are extremely adorable to watch (not an easy thing to pull off) and will appeal to the other kids in the audience who might identify with them and see the story from the kids’ point of view. But looking at this film from any other perspective, will give you brain rot.
  15. Stuff the cork back in: This wine movie was sold before its time.
  16. Not even this sprightly cast can buck the privileged sense of entitlement that bedevils this movie. Don’t count on the impish humor that Simon Pegg has unleashed so successfully in other movies to save the day.
  17. This pseudo-Phildickian actioner is chum for the bigger fish to come this summer; for Moore, it's a slummer.
  18. There's not much spunk here.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The best that can be said for this one is that we’ve seen plenty worse of its kind.
  19. The problem lies with the unimaginative story premise and the quip/reverse quip dialogue that just may be better-suited to half-hour television shows than this nearly 2½-hour movie feature.
  20. Fails because it takes itself so seriously, and because it is itself so seriously dull. Soderbergh's straining to give us a wink -- come on, guys, this is fun -- but really it just feels like some awful eye twitch -- a spasm of yawning self-indulgence in a mostly captivating career.
  21. I'm beginning to suspect there's some sort of ancient, or at least post-Pearl Harbor, curse in play that stops genre-oriented Asian filmmakers from creating anything of all but the most negligible merit once they hit the California shore.
  22. Collateral Beauty is ultimately as mushy a movie as the phrase itself, whose definition is never fully explained by the script. It’s another example of something sounding good but meaning little.
  23. He is meant to be brooding, I think, but Tatum’s vague features read more “meathead” than anguished young lover. He has to carry the film, but he’s the least interesting thing going on here.
  24. Sex may, indeed, be all in the mind, but Romance fails to score in the mind's eye.
  25. It’s not the unmitigated disaster early reviews suggested. Instead, it is a blandly competent and doggedly uninspired redo of material adapted a half-dozen times already.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    While the compelling Plowright competently flexes her well-trained muscle, the film's melodrama too readily evokes a Lifetime Original Movie rather than subtle sentiment.
  26. This one has the feel of being penned on rolling papers, with room to spare.
  27. "Avatar’s" Worthington is adept at playing a tortured soul, but his American accent and dramatic range are both wanting in this movie.

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