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2,000 movie reviews
  1. What's wrong with Latter Days is that its banter is pedestrian and its lessons forced.
  2. Isn't serious enough to fulfill its ambitions, or funny enough to compensate for its failures.
    • Baltimore Sun
  3. A one-joke movie. What makes it misfire is that its one joke clashes with its one idea.
    • Baltimore Sun
  4. With a grating combination of naivete and arrogance, The Green Mile consistently overplays its melodramatic material, including a portrait of a black man that is as breathtakingly offensive as it is earnest.
    • Baltimore Sun
  5. The problem with Confessions of a Shopaholic isn't conspicuous consumption. It's ostentatious idiocy.
  6. All this is out of the Haunted House 101 textbook.
  7. Regrettably, Bones is what passes for horror these days: Throw a lot of graphic, gore-filled, darkly lit stuff on the screen, and see what sticks. Discerning moviegoers should pass on the opportunity.
    • Baltimore Sun
  8. Too bad this movie is more tepid than the average Snipes potboiler and even rustier than his mindless Blade pictures.
    • Baltimore Sun
  9. Bullock's character goes through some changes, but she never turns into some unrecognizably serious actress.
    • Baltimore Sun
  10. As a spy film, The Sum of All Fears is flaccid, and as an expose of nuclear threats, there's not enough information.
  11. Whatever spark the newer Precinct 13 has comes from its supporting players.
  12. A hollow, relentless mess.
  13. Christmas with the Kranks is so calculated that it's pathetic, a warm-hearted holiday greeting card with not one scintilla of honest emotion inside.
  14. Greenaway's film is about making people's jaws drop.
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 40 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    Tries to rock our world, but it regresses to a single-celled B-movie.
    • Baltimore Sun
  15. A film that really has no idea what it wants to be, so it tries a little of everything, and does nothing very well.
  16. It's the oddest case yet of the Emperor's New Clothes. After all, the Emperor in the fairy tale was naked. This movie has tons of fabulous clothing. The people disappear within their wardrobes.
  17. Shyamalan plows the same old ground of juiced-up surprise endings.
  18. Because this Four Feathers is an utter botch, it might make savvy viewers feel that the subject matter is hopeless.
  19. The film's storytelling and image-making lack originality and vitality. Nothing sticks to your memory unless you come in with recollections of the book.
  20. A return to form -- bad form. Lifeless, unimaginative and almost determinedly uninspired, it's paint-by-numbers filmmaking at its dreariest.
  21. American art movies rarely come fancier or emptier than Northfork, a down-home arabesque made of angel fluff.
  22. This film isn't an enjoyable martial-arts extravaganza like "District B-13" or the "Transporter" films.
  23. Revolutionary Road isn't just a failed literary adaptation. It's a failure of the worst kind: It doesn't even make you want to read Richard Yates' deservedly legendary book.
  24. But The Ugly Truth can't escape its own ugly truth, that the central characters are written to extremes both ludicrous and tiring.
  25. The surprise behind Town and Country isn't that the director started filming without a finished script, but that he ever thought he had the start of one.
  26. The material has a definite "haven't-we-been over-this-before?" feel.
    • Baltimore Sun
  27. The residents of Beauty Shop never quite gel. Instead of camaraderie, the feeling is one of bare tolerance.
  28. Bad Company is about an undercover brother, but it will never be confused with "Undercover Brother."
    • Baltimore Sun
  29. Lackluster in narrative and in no way original or innovative, the movie is pretty much generic Disney, a film about universal brotherhood stitched together from parts that worked better in other films.

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