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1,993 movie reviews
  1. What's wrong with Latter Days is that its banter is pedestrian and its lessons forced.
  2. Gibson mounts a convincing crucifixion, but his victim is the audience. The Passion of the Christ aims its metallic cat-o'-nine-tails at the viewers' nerves.
  3. The serial-killer thriller of the week, should have gotten a life of its own instead of trying to steal it from Michael Pye's novel of the same name and several other movies.
  4. Hanks tries his hand at a king-size heartless comic role, and flubs it terribly. He looks slack and pasty and, what's worse, sounds slack and pasty.
  5. Lame.
  6. Failed marital farce.
  7. The biggest crime of Van Helsing is that it resurrects classic monsters and fails to make them scary. With a full 132 minutes of feeble jokes and gimcrack phantasmagoria, it's not spine-tingling - it's butt-numbing.
  8. By the end, this movie's balancing act is the equivalent of network news' equal-time laws. The "fairness" becomes deadening.
  9. Two of the most insistently unlikable movie creations to afflict audiences in some time, a pair of self-obsessed anti-romanticists who spend some two decades doing stupid things at each other's behest. They also whine a lot.
  10. Garfield the comic strip stopped being funny about 10 years ago. Garfield the Movie makes it to about the 10-minute mark before tedium sets in.
  11. Heaven knows what the suits at Disney were thinking, for what they ended up with was a bland Jackie Chan movie and a lifeless travelogue.
  12. This new version may be closer to the Cole Porter biography, but it's hardly any more true to life. There is no life in this movie. It's a brittle contraption of a biopic.
  13. The story is without an original thought, the characters little more than caricatures (unappealing ones, at that) and the filmmaking so uninspired that it's hard to imagine anyone embracing it with anything more than a shrug and a wonder why they didn't wait to catch it on TV.
  14. Catwoman is a mess, there's really no other way to describe it... It doesn't work as high art, and it's too ponderous to be truly high camp. As a fashion shoot for the pin-up crowd, however, it's the cat's meow.
  15. A mess, but it means well.
  16. Congratulations, Renny Harlin. You've successfully exorcised all the horror out of The Exorcist.
  17. Christmas with the Kranks is so calculated that it's pathetic, a warm-hearted holiday greeting card with not one scintilla of honest emotion inside.
  18. You don't want to look at anything else when Zeta-Jones is on-screen.
  19. As a romance, Spanglish is like a wholesome flirt who drags things out and becomes a tiresome tease. As a satire of upper-middle-class Los Angeles, it's a disaster.
  20. Meet the Fockers? Avoid them would be a better suggestion.
  21. Kids, except for the very youngest, are going to be bored.
  22. Overblown sanctimony and sentimentalism as corny as the Fourth of July.
  23. If you put the word Tired first, it would perfectly describe the movie.
  24. The result is as flat as a year-old beer commercial.
  25. Giamatti provides those small moments of triumph that Duets pretends to celebrate but instead stifles with its sense of superiority.
  26. Most of the film is one big blooper reel. There's not enough of a gap between the rejects and the finished movie.
  27. Whatever spark the newer Precinct 13 has comes from its supporting players.
  28. There's nothing about The Wedding Date that isn't forced or labored; there's only a stubborn determination to embrace every cliche and make sure the stars photograph well.
  29. It's disconcerting to see Ferrell, a master of macho psychosis, adopt the stop-and-go dithering of Woody Allen-style neurosis.
  30. The residents of Beauty Shop never quite gel. Instead of camaraderie, the feeling is one of bare tolerance.

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