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  1. The most tautly written of all the new serialized dramas.
  2. Let me tell you how much I like TNT's new drama series, Men of a Certain Age. The cable channel sent me five hours worth of screeners, and I watched all five back-to-back Saturday--and would have watched another five hours of the series if they had sent them.
  3. Surprisingly wise and moving.
  4. Whatever the case, he and his show are easier to like. The hour flew by, and it seemed much looser, organic and easy-going than anything I saw last year by him on NBC.
  5. It's smart, richly textured, complex and filled with suspense and intellectual challenge--in short, it has all the things network television is supposed to have abandoned in favor of cheap reality shows.
  6. Just sit down in front of the TV and savor the spirited and daring performances of Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore as Big and Little Edie.
  7. True Blood, Academy Award-winner Alan Ball's steamy, sassy, sometimes nasty, but always thoroughly engaging, new HBO drama.
  8. There is a near-perfect symmetry between the sensibility of Wright's book and the work of Simon and Burns.
  9. As improbable as the premise might sound, Bell's hard-edged performance makes it work. [22 Sept 2004,p. 1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  10. But the paranormal is not what counts. It's the FBI agents who matter -- they're one of TV's most interesting twentysomething couples. [10 Sept 1993, p.1D]
    • Baltimore Sun
  11. This film was one of the most pleasant surprises I've had in a year of screening hundreds of TV productions. In fact, it made my weekend.
  12. But Joan of Arcadia has one other thing none of these had - a hard edge and a savvy sense of humor that keeps the drama from ever feeling saccharine or sappy. [26 Sept 2003, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
  13. Funny, charming and smart.
  14. The acting is among the finest on television.
  15. As drama, tonight's pilot has its flaws, but it is, nevertheless, one of those electrifying TV productions that instead of simply seeking to divert or amuse, challenges viewers to imagine a reality other than the one they have been conditioned to accept.
  16. Its power radiates from the screen as forcefully as it does from the radio.
  17. It is a joy to see a first-rate, high-quality production featuring a genuine star. And this star is bringing his best game to an intelligent script that deals with challenging, knotty, complicated issues and characters that mirror the real world in which we live.
  18. Winfrey and ABC have taken the much-maligned reality TV format and used it to create a show that both entertains and encourages viewers to think about such matters as how best to help others.
  19. Hart's a real charmer, which bodes well. [27 Sept 1996, p.5D]
    • Baltimore Sun
  20. After screening three episodes, I am as hooked on this moody, hypnotic saga as I've been on any drama since The Sopranos. I'm not saying this is going to be the next Sopranos. It's too idiosyncratic and strange for that. [13 Sep 2003]
    • Baltimore Sun
  21. A network series potentially good enough to be on HBO.
  22. If you watched FNL on DirecTV when it debuted Oct. 1 and appreciated the sheer genius of the season, you might be ready to see the episodes again.
  23. One of the zaniest - and most savvy - workplace comedies in years.
  24. There is some room for debate as to whether it is the best or only the second best new drama of the season, but there is no doubt it is the most daring. [26 Oct 1996]
    • Baltimore Sun
  25. What a fine piece of work. [4 Mar 1997]
    • Baltimore Sun
  26. At its best--during several moments of exquisite longing between the adult Ned and Chuck--Pushing Daisies feels so right that it almost redeems all the wrongs of such wretched new series as Cavemen or Carpoolers.
  27. Tonight's two-hour movie pilot has major problems in trying to pull off the tricky business of combining drama and elements of high comedy within the fairly rigid conventions of the TV detective drama. But the writing by Andy Breckman (Rat Race) and the performance of veteran character actor Tony Shalhoub (The Man Who Wasn't There) combine to deliver one of the most weirdly appealing television sleuths since Richard Belzer's Detective John Munch of Homicide: Life on the Street. [12 July 2012, p.1E]
    • Baltimore Sun
    • 69 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    I'll take Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen in USA's delightful new action comedy Burn Notice.
  28. Reading that vague description, you are certain there is nothing in the show to make you laugh. But if you watch, I guarantee you will at least smile in spite of your better impulses. I'm sorry, but this is some of David's best work.
  29. With all four [actors] bringing their "A" games to the pilot, it looks as if CBS could have another winning 10 o'clock drama.

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