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  1. Bullet in the Face is hit or miss, but in a comedy series like this one, the hits are meant to be misses. The jokes are so bad they are funny, if you have a twisted sense of humor.
  2. Will the writing of the crimes continue to be as strong as it was on "The Closer"? I'm cautiously optimistic.
  3. Your feelings about Gossip Girl will depend on just how guilty you are willing to feel about your guilty pleasures. It can be entertaining to watch adults throw around money, attitude, and alcohol on soap operas; it can be grotesque to see teenagers doing the same things.
  4. A fine way to pass a half hour.
  5. The performances and the writing in the pilot don't quite reach the bar set by those predecessors [Mad Men and The Sopranos], but Glazer stakes his claim to his own little corner of the beach, and we're hopeful the series will eventually produce similar magic.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The show works much better when it gives us a glimpse into its distinctive milieu.
  6. And even though the potential for irritation feels high--everyone but Gene is a smidge too sad-sacky and whiny--there's something about Bob's that feels fresh, sweet even.
  7. You feel as if you're right there in the room with the characters for a time, during which their true selves emerge slowly but surely.
  8. FlashForward is a good idea, and while that’s no guarantee of a good series, the first hour gives us reason to hope.
  9. The show is overstuffed with political and pop culture jokes about everything from 9/11 to “The Breakfast Club,’’ but they’re always secondary to the warm ensemble character comedy. The free-floating irony isn’t terminal.
  10. This new Bravo series is definitely in, if you find amusement in fierce fashionistas and extravagant clothing that only skeletal models will ever wear. [1 Dec 2004]
    • Boston Globe
  11. So far, at least, this season promises to be less about plot than personality. That doesn't mean the show is perfect - it never was--but it's better, and that's a big relief.
  12. If not for the narrative clunkiness, Blue Bloods has the potential to be a juicy multigenerational family drama set in a moodily evoked New York, with Selleck's furrier-than-ever mustache as a bonus.
  13. It's not as if Kidman or Owen looks old, exactly. Still, the basic dynamic is a bit out-of-kilter. A lot of the early scenes don't make much sense if the Gellhorn we see is so clearly a mature, experienced woman.
  14. Despite a few flaws, The Mindy Project could evolve into an interesting hybrid, an anti-romantic-comedy romantic comedy.
  15. For the most part, the procedural material is boilerplate stuff we've seen zillions of times already on "Law & Order," with right turns and smoking guns and unexpected witnesses. The pleasure to be found on the show is in watching Tierney and Morrow riff off each other like very competitive tennis players.
  16. The first few episodes available for review feature several moments--callbacks, sight gags, and just plain funny jokes--that will likely feel like rewards to longtime viewers. But Community has also always been plagued by low ratings, and that is unlikely to change now given that some of those rewards probably won’t resonate with newcomers giving the show a try at the urging of those already on board.
  17. Ultimately, Detroit 1-8-7, ABC's new cop series just may have enough forward thrust and raw emotion to take off.
  18. Comedy Central appears to have come up with a worthy partner to “The Daily Show,” with Stewart and Wilmore as the salt and pepper shakers of late-night TV. A half-hour of humor, opinion, issues, and conversation, The Nightly Show has the potential to resonate as it evolves in the coming months.
  19. Like all comedy, whether the duo always sticks the landing will depend on the viewer.
  20. Almost none of the characters is particularly likable - unless he or she is angling for something. What's refreshing about Sex and the City is that it pushes to a darkly comic extreme the situations that already fuel the many urban-singles sitcoms on network TV, particularly those with female leads like "Suddenly Susan" and "Caroline in the City." More social satire than sitcom, it looks openly at relationships steeped in ambivalence, fear, and the games people play. [6 Jun 1998, p.C6]
    • Boston Globe
  21. One of TV's more interesting reality competitions. ... This season, the series promises to be less revelatory but equally absorbing. [7 Dec 2005]
    • Boston Globe
  22. It's a generally pleasing but flawed production.
  23. The Inbetweeners has a refreshing sincerity.
  24. The new ABC show is significantly better than its corny title promises.
  25. It's a fluffy hour of flimflam, spun with silk and told with a wink.
  26. It’s a well-done, if familiar, portrait of a man and his times.
  27. The show's setup has some charm, especially since Joan's reactions are anything but beatific. [26 Sept 2003, p.D4]
    • Boston Globe
  28. While the first two episodes of Surviving Jack available for review didn’t offer an avalanche of laugh-out-loud moments, there is a free-spirited realness to it that makes the show worth sticking with to see Meloni whip it into shape.
  29. Based on the first five new episodes, I'd say Boardwalk Empire does recover, mostly if not completely, but only after a period of creeping aimlessness.

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