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  1. As is, The Bible sometimes feels too facile, like a colorful Sunday school pop-up book come to life, albeit one with much more graphic violence (which some parents might want to preview before sharing with their kids).
  2. If Red Widow were more psychologically twisty or more excessive and over-the-top, it could be more engaging. As it is, the show is ludicrous and not much fun.
  3. There is no sense of who Cheney is, beyond his restatements.
  4. Everything aside from Pacino in this movie is surprisingly ordinary and lacking.
  5. The story wanders slowly and aimlessly when it should be tumbling toward a climax. It’s a ride on flat terrain.
  6. The Goodwin Games isn’t awful, really, but it might have made a better light-hearted movie than a weekly series. The concept is so limited, it gets very tiresome very fast.
  7. The science and deduction on C.S.I. is mildly interesting, if grim, but the show's small forensics team, including actors William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger, is as cliched as they come. From the forced co-worker banter to the second-rate office dramas, the ensemble is as lively as a trip to the morgue. [6 Oct 2000, p.D1]
    • Boston Globe
  8. It's "Party of Five" meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," but with less angst and pathos than the former and more adult pretension than the latter...As it is, "Charmed" is a pretty bland-tasting brew. [7 Oct 1998, p.C5]
    • Boston Globe
  9. The results are derivative, but they could have been worse. [9 Jan 1996]
    • Boston Globe
  10. A run-of-the-mill family comedy that wants to be the show that follows it, "Everybody Loves Raymond," but ends up more like a wan wannabe. [21 Sept 1998, p.C9]
    • Boston Globe
  11. 'Numb3rs' is strained... You can practically hear them groaning with effort as they milk the action potential out of a brainstorming nerd banging his chalk against a blackboard la 'A Beautiful Mind.'
  12. Little more than an empty vehicle for clever jokes on America since 9/11. [30 Apr 2005]
    • Boston Globe
  13. Carey always keeps you watching, although he's always threatening to be funnier than he is. But more than any other "Friends" ripoff, this show's supporting actors slow down the central character - they're set decoration. [13 Sep 1995]
    • Boston Globe
  14. It has a disappointing lack of suspense. [3 Jan 2005]
    • Boston Globe
  15. Not surprisingly, watching a functional maniac pitching fits gets old pretty quickly. It's like listening to "You are the weakest link" on a loop for an hour straight. [30 May 2005]
    • Boston Globe
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    Given how starved the show is for laughs, it's hard to believe that it was created by Steven Levitan, who established himself as a writer for such superior programs as "Frasier" and "The Larry Sanders Show." Add in the considerable comedic talents of George Segal and David Spade, and the failure of "Just Shoot Me" becomes even more troubling. [4 Mar 1997]
    • Boston Globe
  16. It comes off as a straining, overly serious wannabe.
  17. Despite Cohen's talent for submerging himself in his characters, Da Ali G Show is a spotty venture. As on "Saturday Night Live," the sketches are overextended instead of staying short and tart. And Cohen only flirts with political and cultural satire as he toys with his guests, who also include former US attorney general Richard L. Thornburgh. He resists making real points about America, falling back on the more small-minded fun of saying dirty words in front of unsuspecting people or watching them writhe when they hear his sex talk. Ultimately, he's a version of Howard Stern's interviewer Stuttering John, only in more exotic drag. [22 Feb 2003, p.F12]
    • Boston Globe
  18. Cautious and slow. [25 Sept 2001, p.E8]
    • Boston Globe
  19. It’s a thoroughly uninspired remake.... The only promise of entertainment comes from Blair Underwood, who brings some slight layering to the role of Detective Robert Ironside.
  20. The shtick flies fast and furiously, but with only one decent joke for every 10 rote punch lines.
  21. The atmosphere is bland, the special effects and fight scenes are underwhelming, and the tone is mostly humorless.
  22. With its grand castle backdrop and sumptuous costumes, Reign looks beautiful, as do all of the people in it. But there needs to be something a little more substantial--be it drama or kitsch--between those walls and seams to make Reign into a show worthy of ascending to the heights of guilty pleasure TV royalty.
  23. Looking isn’t just disappointing, it’s infuriating. Looking offers one hopelessly out-of-date idea about gay life after another.... All of that said, Looking is still a unique moment in gay television.
  24. Graham is so weirdly robotic as Corrine Dollanganger that it’s almost as if she’s doing an impression of an actress in a Lifetime movie.... Burstyn's scenes are compelling, even though she doesn’t have much to work with. The movie gets hard to watch when we’re stuck in the attic with siblings Cathy, Chris, Cory, and Cary.
  25. Murder One no longer has that sick kinship to reality. Last year's plot was eerie, uncomfortable, and brilliant, because the plausibility of a movie star standing trial for murder was constantly validated by O.J. Simpson's...By contrast, the election-year plot of a governor assassinated with his mistress, allegedly by an ex-mistress, is treated with anticlimactic, almost ho-hum gravitas in tonight's Murder One. Not even a show as fine as this one has been has the credibility to get away with that. [10 Oct 1996, p.D6]
    • Boston Globe
  26. Perhaps “Mediocre Teacher” would be a better title for this so-so comedy about trophy wife Meredith Davis (Ari Graynor), who suddenly finds herself replaced by a shinier trophy.
  27. The action may be as fast and persistent as a gurney on the way to an operating theater, but nothing can hide the wobbly scripting and weak characters it’s all riding on
  28. Ultimately, the show is a silly, flimsy, and occasionally fun summer diversion for Spelling-Garth fans. Everyone else can pass on solving this Mystery.
  29. The most banal family-sitcom setup possible. [17 Sep 2002]
    • Boston Globe

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