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  1. Based on the pilot, [the] mystery promises to be surprising, psychological, and addictive.
  2. 'Extras" is far less terminally existential than ''The Office," less depressing to watch.
  3. This knockout adaptation of the Lorraine Hansberry play is a model of both the pure power of stage acting and TV’s potential to bring us up close to that acting without deadening it.
  4. The show captures both of these angles [exploitative and empowerment] sharply, but without pushing them so hard that the show feels too pointed. It’s light entertainment with some muscle at its core.
  5. It's a nicely assembled, topical film that gives us both a sweeping view of gay rights across almost 30 years, as well as an intimate look at an extraordinary person swept up in those times.
  6. It offers amusement and a tad of suspense, but little to ponder over the long run.
  7. When you watch the show, which returns for season two tonight at 10, you'll find a legal thriller that's trashier and more fun than you might have expected.
  8. It's an extraordinarily appealing series, one that's so much more than its easy label as a teen private-eye series. [22 Sept 2004, p.D12]
    • Boston Globe
  9. But the real question is: Will Dharma & Greg be able to expand its central, single joke into an entire series? An entertaining premiere, yes, but there may be a finite number of laughs to be had over those wacky hippies and the cold-hearted WASPs. [24 Sept 1997, p.C6]
    • Boston Globe
  10. It’s made with just the right amounts of mordant humor, light macabre atmosphere, pun-filled dialogue, and amusing performances to charm and engage.
  11. A faceted little gem. It’s an evocative collection of vignettes about the dealer’s various customers, who live in the countless niches and experience the random events that define New York.
  12. Despite the blood and the labor, Call the Midwife is filled with heart.
  13. Either executives did a lot of soul-searching and decided to change nothing, or they let the show go on without thinking at all. Either way, they made the right move.
  14. As with most HBO series, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" isn't for everyone. Prerequisites include not only a desire for more of the best of "Seinfeld" but a willingness to go along with David's Brooklyn-bred grumpiness. [13 Oct 2000]
    • Boston Globe
  15. Olyphant creates a sense of suspended time whenever Raylan comes into contact with thugs--as if a gun standoff isn't so far from standing at a bar with a drink in hand. His Raylan is the kind of guy who doesn't say much, but gives us plenty to talk about.
  16. One of the most charming new shows of the year drops on Wednesday, a last gasp of 2017 TV before the top 10 lists start surfacing.
  17. HBO's Generation Kill is remarkable.
  18. It also showcases Milch's taste for complexity when it comes to both the criminal mind and the lawman's motivations. [19 Mar 2004, p.D1]
    • Boston Globe
  19. We’ve seen this kind of romantic comedy before. The pacing is very gradual, too. But Rust and Jacobs are each thoroughly endearing in very different ways. ... Another plus: Rust and Jacobs are surrounded by good supporting characters, including Mickey’s lovable and endlessly cheerful roommate, played by Claudia O’Doherty.
  20. The only objection to this well-made comedy is overfamiliarity. [10 Mar 1997, p.C10]
    • Boston Globe
  21. It’s all remarkably winning and insightful, once you let go of the network-bred expectation of high-concept story lines. Adlon is a powerhouse lead.
  22. This one could take off, especially if the humor doesn’t obscure the layers of Jane’s moral journey.
  23. Turns out there may be more corners of the Kings’ Chicago to explore, with the help of their twisty scripts and expert pacing, which keep each episode moving like a long, sustained crescendo.
  24. Written by Gwyneth Hughes, the script perhaps reaches too far and falls short. The whole is somehow less than the sum of its parts. And yet Five Days rewards with enough gripping moments to make it worth investigating.
  25. The first few episodes available for review feature several moments--callbacks, sight gags, and just plain funny jokes--that will likely feel like rewards to longtime viewers. But Community has also always been plagued by low ratings, and that is unlikely to change now given that some of those rewards probably won’t resonate with newcomers giving the show a try at the urging of those already on board.
  26. The cinematography is beautiful, and there seems to be nowhere around the Big Apple's tents and trailers that the camera won't go. There's just not much in the way of drama here.
  27. The Ghost Army can feel a bit padded at times. Like one of those rubber tanks, it’s not as imposing as it seems. But also like those tanks, it’s memorable and not quite like anything else.
  28. The show is a grim spectacle, and juicy bait for end-of-the-world addicts such as myself. But the living people in The Walking Dead, those uninfected with the mysterious virus, they are far less compelling.
  29. Ultimately, though, even with the fantasy, Game of Thrones feels like a historical medieval saga. It's a royal, and royally good, round of musical chairs.
  30. Orange Is the New Black is a funny, dramatically sound, poignant, and thoroughly addictive adventure through a bleak looking glass.

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