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458 tv reviews
  1. This is dumb, not-so-much fun shoot'em-ups.
  2. For a fleeting moment, the show hints it might venture into some saucy territory. Then it gets all “Family Ties” saccharine and goes in for the squishy hug.
  3. For The Odd Couple to work, you have to believe there are moments when these roommates want to throttle each other. This version presents a mild bromance. Nice for them, not so much for us.
  4. The climax is predictable, but the epilogue is not anything you’d find on a CBS procedural and suggests how good this show and Wilson could be.
  5. This little dramedy, an adaptation of a Spanish series, has that USA “Monk” comedy-lite vibe going for it.
  6. The editing is kind to most of the contestants, who come off as earnest, intelligent folks looking to engage their inner heroes.... Alas, The Quest’s elimination challenge is unimaginative and the vote deliberations almost as petty as anything on “Big Brother.”
  7. Linney, who also serves as executive producer, is luminous as always. But the first three episodes fall into a predictable pattern of Cathy confronting someone and dropping cryptic comments about her diagnosis.
  8. Wedding Band is frequently vulgar, and few punch lines can be quoted here, but it has such affection for all its characters that you might be troubled that you can't return the love.
  9. Judging from the first two episodes of the new season, Rescue Me is taking a gentler, if dopier tone. [13 June 2007, p.39]
    • Boston Herald
  10. Fox's "Raising Hope" manages to be both more outrageous and realistic than this flimsy, forgettable time-waster.
  11. As our wanderer through the rabbit hole, Lowe lacks conviction, but Socha is a true charmer as the Knave, and fans will be making wishes for Alice to dump the dreary genie for the rogue. With the mothership’s leads on a similar quest for a missing boy, Wonderland seems like an exercise in magical redundancy.
  12. There are a few scares here, but while the “Scream” films kept audiences jumping, Scream the TV series risks putting viewers to sleep.
  13. Hope you like looking at a golf ball, well, doing nothing. You'll see a lot of it during the hour. It sets the mood of The Glades. Sweltering stupidity.
  14. The bromance is over before it starts.
  15. Unfortunately, Iron's not in every scene, and the 100-minute premiere, after a promising opening, becomes bogged down in political intrigue as his rivals scheme to remove the new pope.
  16. Pants hits the tube already out of style.
  17. There might be a good drama in Rake, but right now the jury is still out.
  18. The acting ranges from adequate to awful. Milano and George have zero chemistry, and George’s sexy stud act, which has bankrolled his career, reaches its expiration point here.... It’s not nearly enough sizzle for summer.
  19. There are guilty pleasures and then there are ones for which you just feel guilty about sacrificing your valuable time. Revenge is the latter.
  20. One Big Happy is light and forgettable.
  21. Cusick has done this role before so often, he might even be mixing and matching scripts. Washington looks so bored, he might nod off. The 100? If we’re marking days on a calendar, that’s being optimistic.
  22. Bucket & Skinner makes Saved by the Bell seem as sophisticated as "Modern Family." There are a few bones thrown parents' way to make the half-hour bearable.
  23. With so many powers, the Tomorrow People seem near invincible, and the measures Ultra uses to thwart them seem flimsy. The idea that a prohibition against killing could be genetically encoded seems both convenient and implausible — and also lessens the stakes.
  24. The overarching premise of the 15-episode season cracks and crumbles under the slightest scrutiny.
  25. Unlike "The Wire," the pacing is lazy. Many of the moments seem authentic, but to paraphrase director Alfred Hitchcock: A good show is life minus the boring parts.
  26. It's hard to imagine viewers voting with their clickers for this pretentious political soap.
  27. Wahlberg, a favorite here, needs to avoid David Caruso Syndrome. There's a bit too much posturing with the furrowed brow and hand-on-the-hip that has made a caricature of that "CSI: Miami" star. Moynahan is solid as the assistant district attorney, but her character's lefty politics seem at odds with her occupation and her family.....But Selleck as the bad guy in his own show? It almost makes you want to dial 911.
  28. Unlike the similarly post-apocalyptic "Walking Dead," there's never much tension on Falling Skies.
  29. TNT bills Franklin & Bash as a dramedy, but it is more accurately a comedic bromance laced with pop-culture jokes and a dash of legal jargon to trick you into thinking you spent an hour on something of substance.
  30. A slow-pokey drama punctuated by shocking violence and sex.

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