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  1. Blacklist doesn’t have the pulse, say, of a '24,' but it races in the right direction.
  2. There may be fewer jump scares, but this could turn out to be the best Horror Story.
  3. This bleak depiction of hospital work locates the show about two degrees south of “St. Elsewhere.” And yet, after I finished the first three episodes, I realized I was hooked; I wanted more.
  4. Holloway looks leaner than his Sawyer days and cleans up nice. Ory, such a spitfire on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” as both Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, seems tamed here, and unfortunately, a little dull.
  5. True Detective will linger with you long after the credits roll, a grim journey into night.
  6. If their melodrama isn't always gripping, Nip/Tuck rushes in an array of guest stars as distractions. [5 Sept 2006, p.36]
    • Boston Herald
  7. Filmed in South Africa, Sails is awash in lush scenery, bloody expensive sets and brutal action. You’ve probably never seen a sword fight like the one that caps tonight’s episode.
  8. Your love for the show depends on your tolerance for Leary and his overbearing character. [30 May 2006, p.28]
    • Boston Herald
  9. This hourlong drama is peopled with actors who have long deserved a rich showcase for their talents, and each rises spectacularly to the occasion. [4 Nov 2004, p.77]
    • Boston Herald
  10. Less perverse than ``I, Claudius,'' more entertaining than ABC's toga twister ``Empire,'' Rome gets off to an uneven start. [25 Aug 2005, p.47]
    • Boston Herald
  11. Resurrection does something few dramas do today — it gives its characters breathing room to absorb and react to the fantastic in their lives, rather than forcing them to run from one plot point to another. Some will find this pace too leisurely.
  12. With its frantic pacing, ­vicious masterminds and ­valiant law enforcement agents, Crisis might remind you of Fox’s “24.” Not the best seasons of “24,” but still. There’s a lot to be said for a show that works up a sweat trying to surprise you.
  13. The dark tone might be the greatest barrier at first to viewers, but the cast rolls with the wisecracks.
  14. Bell, who started out as a child actor, has matured into a compelling leading man and he seems capable of conveying Abraham’s troubling journey into the underbelly of the war effort.
  15. This little sitcom reminds you how rare female friendship is on prime time TV--and just how much fun it can be.
  16. A delectable documentary. [29 Nov 2001, p.55]
    • Boston Herald
  17. Not much is different for the fourth season of FX’s most popular comedy, except possibly an uptick in the production budget and guests.
  18. There were moments when I wanted to give up on Penny Dreadful. Then there is the ending of the second episode--a horrific jolt that changes everything you thought you knew about one character--and, well, I can’t wait to see what happens next.
  19. Buoyed by A-list star power, The Normal Heart beats erratically for more than two hours, yet delivers a gut punch in its climax.
  20. Halt and Catch Fire’s operating system is solid, crafty and cunning. Boot it up.
  21. The sets may at times look fake (is that Afghanistan or Vancouver?) and savvy viewers will spot the traitor in Mike's story line early on, but Traffic deftly puts tiny human faces on global problems. [23 Jan 2004]
    • Boston Herald
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    • 75 Critic Score
    Less silly than it sounds, Atlantis accomplishes the basic task of rejuvenating the Stargate action-adventure premise. ... Most importantly, it's Stargate without obnoxious SG-1 star Richard Dean Anderson, which instantly makes it twice as good. [16 July 2004]
    • Boston Herald
  22. It's impossible to tell by the uneven debut episode if the tone of the writing will be consistent. ... The dramatic portions of the show flow easily... But the writers seem unsure how they want to portray the violence in "Platinum," of which there is plenty in the first episode. [11 Apr 2003]
    • Boston Herald
  23. Who knew the dumbed-down domestic sitcom could be fun again? ... OK. It's not "Seinfeld." But "Eight Simple Rules" does just what it's supposed to - amuse, entertain, disperse a few laughs and warm fuzzies. [17 Sep 2002]
    • Boston Herald
  24. Extant plays with genres, mixing sci-fi, conspiracy thriller and scenes from a struggling marriage. It also asks some daring questions about the collision of machine and humanity.
  25. Like Amy’s “Parks and Recreation,” the humor is never mean.
  26. This show is a bit too easy, given that its source material has become a parody of itself. For those who have grown sick of the Bravo formula squabbling, these antics may be a tonic.
  27. "The Chronicle" seems to want to have as much fun with its stories as its viewers. [12 Jul 2001]
    • Boston Herald
  28. Depending on your memories of high school, ABC's new drama... is either one of the most honest or most troubling small-screen depictions of teen angst. [7 Oct 2004]
    • Boston Herald
  29. The story of an intriguing woman who can shoot a gun but can't hit the target is a premise steeped with promise. Let's hope Karen Sisco does not find happiness anytime soon. [1 Oct 2003, p.55]
    • Boston Herald

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