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  1. Many of his tricks here are explained, and the means of execution may only increase your appreciation for his genius. Less convincing is the miniseries’ speculation that the British intelligence agency MI-5 recruited him to act as a spy in the run-up to World War I.
  2. Boardwalk shows no signs of losing its identity. All signs point to a bloody proper finish.
  3. The unscripted series is surprisingly engrossing and probably more valuable than two years of film school for would-be auteurs.
  4. Diplomacy by its nature doesn’t lend itself well to visual storytelling. Perhaps that’s why the show adds a conspiracy element.... Give props to Madam Secretary for the casting.
  5. As Pops, the sitcom cliche of grumpy old grandpa, Laurence Fishburne (most recently on “Hannibal” and billed here a special guest star) squeezes every line until it coughs up a laugh.
  6. Stalker is the kind of show that will have you checking the locks on your door--and changing­ your Facebook status to “guarded­ by rabid pitbulls.”
  7. The sense of loss, shock and mourning is still artfully conveyed. American TV rarely depicts the emotional fallout after a murder, preferring to focus on the investigation. Here, both elements are equally important. But Tennant seems tired, and you can understand why. He’s been all over this shore before.
  8. A dramedy about an unplanned pregnancy? CW has nerve--and the creativity to carry it off.
  9. Wilson might be playing Penny with a better apartment, but she’s always a delight. Marino makes for a great sparring partner, and Williams has been off our screens far too long.
  10. The series is fun and frothy but also often poignant.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    This "Cheers" spinoff has a winking cleverness about it. The writing is snappy and Kelsey Grammer, who plays a radio shrink, is unexpectedly charming. If I was in major couch-potato mode after "Seinfeld," I wouldn't turn it off. [17 Sept 1993, p.47]
    • Boston Herald
  11. The show is often so gross, one is tempted to suggest that our local arts schools should start steering its graduates toward more meaningful fields--such as automotive mechanics or doggy waste disposal. But Blue is also frequently funny in a raunchy “American Pie” way.
  12. Spartacus fetishizes violence even more than it depicts sex and nudity, which is often. There’s a whole lot of B.C. banging going on here.
  13. Even offering a slightest knock of this show feels about as kind as, say, throwing a rock at a Haitian orphan. This viewer, however, is not convinced there’s a one-hour series here.
  14. Sons doesn’t shine yet, but it could if the writers embrace their loony wild childs. Even at its worst, Sons is better than a third Seth MacFarlane cartoon
  15. It’s a treat being able to enjoy their black comedies back-to-back Monday nights, but “Nurse” shows symptoms of a serious malady: serial recidivism. We’ve seen all this before. It’s time for Jackie’s world to come crashing down, the sooner, the bigger the laughs.
  16. Gravity’s inability to find a consistent tone may lead to its early demise.
  17. This is a series with no redemptive value. It barely qualifies as entertainment, but sexy summer trash will always find an audience. That's the inescapable truth at the heart of Pretty Little Liars.
  18. If the show can strike a balance between chuckles and capers, Covert Affairs won't be a secret. It will be USA Network's biggest hit.
  19. Underneath the crude humor, there's a sweetness and an honesty to the show. The duo's struggle with weight is believable.
  20. Detroit's on-location shooting aids its authenticity, but the show goes awry when it goes for a joke. For example, medical examiner Abbey Ward (Erin Cummings, "Mad Men") carries bruises from her after-hours avocation: roller derby. Detroit 1-8-7 is one of those shows that is going to need some time to finds its destination.
  21. You've seen this game before, but not played with this level of desperation. There are moments when the boardroom feeding frenzies might cause you to step away from the table. There's something to be said for escapist TV after all.
  22. Of the cast, Winger seems to be the weakest link, brittle and uncertain, but it's too soon in her arc to write her off. The series is like a mystery novel, but the crimes of the heart here are ones the patients unwittingly inflict upon themselves and the lengths they'll go to hide from the truth. Watching Byrne's sullen shrink match wits with Ryan's cool therapist is the best reason to book an appointment with In Treatment.
  23. Episodes has funny moments, [but] like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the satire is an acquired taste and seems to be too inside showbiz to find a mass audience.
  24. In true "Grey's" fashion, each newbie is challenged with a case that dredges up the personal issues that brought them to this isolated spot, where, according to Ben, it's like practicing medicine in 1952 in a Third World country
  25. Oh, you'll laugh. But you probably won't remember much of it the next day.
  26. Skins feels raw and gritty. The characters' pain is often palpable. Only the show's target audience will know how true its portrayal of adolescence is, but it should make many parents pay closer attention to what's going on in their teenagers' lives.
  27. Starz's Spartacus - Gods of the Arena is endlessly creative when it comes to all things stabby. It seems to have a bottomless bucket of fake blood in its production budget.
  28. Mad doesn't stray far from "Mother's" formula
  29. It's an extended "Law & Order" that never settles on a verdict.

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