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325 tv reviews
  1. In true "Grey's" fashion, each newbie is challenged with a case that dredges up the personal issues that brought them to this isolated spot, where, according to Ben, it's like practicing medicine in 1952 in a Third World country
  2. Oh, you'll laugh. But you probably won't remember much of it the next day.
  3. Skins feels raw and gritty. The characters' pain is often palpable. Only the show's target audience will know how true its portrayal of adolescence is, but it should make many parents pay closer attention to what's going on in their teenagers' lives.
  4. Starz's Spartacus - Gods of the Arena is endlessly creative when it comes to all things stabby. It seems to have a bottomless bucket of fake blood in its production budget.
  5. Mad doesn't stray far from "Mother's" formula
  6. It's an extended "Law & Order" that never settles on a verdict.
  7. Serenity arrives in surprising ways. Whether Mike makes it in this arena or not, Taking on Tyson suggests he's already won his toughest battle.
  8. Delany can be both captivating and infuriating as the know-it-all medical examiner, but she always holds the screen.
  9. This is "King Arthur Begins." Fiennes seems determined to play the Joker. Whether this interpretation of the sorcerer will cast a spell over viewers is uncertain.
  10. This admittedly over-produced series has one of the toughest elimination rituals to watch: Each of the three finalists walks to check out a callback list to discover if they are still wanted.
  11. On its last call, Rescue Me has saved a few treats in its fire truck.
  12. Awkward is adept in some quick cutaways, as in a classroom scene that echoes "Ferris Bueller." Rickards works so hard to emulate "Easy A" star Emma Stone, she just might end up in a full body cast by the end of the season. But with the tide going out on such reality drivel as "Jersey Shore," Awkward is a cagey move for MTV.
  13. At times, the dialogue stops and unloads for exposition dumps, and a few of the young cast mates could use some more training back in the land of the Muggles.
  14. Deschanel is utterly con-vincing as this off-kilter gal, and of the supporting cast, Wayans sparks the most as Coach.
  15. The X Factor is "America's Got Talent" with lockjaw, "The Voice" with a smoker's hack and "American Idol" on steroids. It is a garish, crass spectacle, and just might produce America's next superstar.
  16. While some of the best dramas can dovetail a character's work and personal lives, Prime Suspect might be better off, at least in the beginning, focusing on solving the weekly case.
  17. So long as the dinos roam, Terra Nova has a future.
  18. Is the show still funny? Sure. But it now seems about as cutting edge and relevant as "Alf" or "Suddenly Susan."
  19. Like a lot of reality shows ranging from the silly "Real World" to the loathsome "Jersey Shore," All-American Muslim ends up reinforcing some stereotypes while defying others.
  20. Hate touches a comic nerve, the war of independence between teenage girls and their moms, but invariably settles for a hug when a few more slammed doors might be funnier.
  21. You may laugh, but you'll hate yourself afterward.
  22. Touch needs more work grounding its reality before any of these fantasies take flight.
  23. Your enjoyment of "Vengeance" ultimately hinges on how much you remember the betrayals and back-stabbings of the first season, "Spartacus: Blood and Sand."
  24. Even at approximately 80 minutes, director/producer Nancy Buirski's work could be tighter, but it's hard to imagine a more appropriate documentary for Valentine's Day.
  25. Judd, who serves as series co-executive producer, makes for a surprisingly convincing action hero. It's when she stops to emote in full mommy mode that the show drags.
  26. Punk'd seems to have a budget to rival a commercial network show, and the twist of rotating hosts--upcoming stars include "Twilight" actor Kellan Lutz and "Glee's" Heather Morris--whips up a new level of paranoia.
  27. Game of Thrones starts less like an epic and more like a session of "Medieval Sims."
  28. In its personal vignettes, Weight illuminates, but too often the segments are a numbing array of statistics from well-meaning talking heads.
  29. What separates this cast from just about every other real-ity show is that these people are chasing something larger than themselves, more vital to them than fame or money--that brief moment of perfection onstage, achieved after years of study and practice.
  30. Bunheads has the potential to have that cross-generational appeal. To thrive, the series must find its own tune to dance to.

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