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  1. Gosling's been better elsewhere but delivers an adequate performance. McGregor and Watts seem baffled most of the time, as well they might be. Forster keeps us from drifting off with inventive camerawork; in this case, that's like saying a hideous suit has well-stitched lapels.
  2. It's blah. Worse than blah, actually, because it's so stupid.
  3. Wilson brings low-wattage amiability to his part, as always. Hudson's mismatched with him but tries to set him afire.
  4. Plays like some uninformed seventh-grader's view of gay men.
  5. The movie is as padded as Allen's jelly belly.
  6. The filmmakers find "laughs" in sadistic violence.
  7. Yet even the language, finally, becomes as inauthentic as the accents.
  8. Dark Blue proves again what a remarkable actor Denzel Washington is. Too bad he's not in it.
  9. Utterly generic.
  10. Solaris is a film where people...often...speak... like... this, and the camera moves slowly across sterile interiors.
  11. Pan
    Writer Simon Fuchs begins with a reasonable idea – we’re all likely to be curious about the origins of Peter Pan – and does unreasonable things ever after.
  12. For all the talk about passion, the main feeling Youth conveys is self-pity.
  13. Long before this interminable film reaches its bogus finale, you'll realize that the people in it aren't real.
  14. Goes wrong in less than two minutes, which may be a world record for sequels to decent movies.
  15. Writer-director Coppola and her production team have gotten the look of the late 18th century right...But they've gotten almost everything else wrong.
  16. Interesting and idiotic elements almost exactly balance each other.
  17. Everything about the film seems to have been done on the cheap. The music sounds like it came from a high school band.
  18. The writers supply character traits that seem to point toward a pay-off but never reach one. People all end up as tight-lipped, indistinguishable automatons who plummet 50 feet down jagged rocks with scarcely a scratch.
  19. Repeated lapses in continuity and common sense.
  20. Though the writing doesn't work, you have to give Burns credit for shrewd direction. He gets the best performances I've seen from Graham and Murphy.
  21. It starts as enjoyable B-movie pulp, degenerates to camp, then turns into laughable lunacy.
  22. Sandler proves even a hardened Israeli secret service agent can be an imbecilic juvenile.
  23. It's theoretically possible to make a fascinating film about a thieving, self-indulgent, freebasing, treacherous scumbag who pimps his girlfriend to a gangster and contributes nothing to society. Wonderland isn't that film.
  24. If this project is some kind of huge in-joke, I’m willing to admit I didn’t get it. But if I did get it (and I’m afraid I did), it’s a huge disappointment.
  25. A frenzied, cacophonic cartoon.
  26. This picture has an ugly habit of humiliating Bridget, which "Diary" did not.
  27. Without a plausible script, crisp dialogue or rounded characters, the majority of the picture will sag gracelessly.
  28. ATL
    Director Chris Robinson moves his camera aimlessly, cutting in and out of speeches as if he were just as bored as I.
  29. Most painfully, the semi-alert Owen and the leaden Aniston go together like sausages and syrup.
  30. This stale, redundant story goes round in the same tight circles, revealing one piddling new secret and containing one unconvincing change of character.

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