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1,438 movie reviews
  1. Yet nothing in their visually stimulating film registers as strongly as Jolie’s enigmatic, ever-changing face.
  2. All three leads give effective, low-key performances. (I don’t remember a single character raising a voice.) Their acting fits the tone of this movie and all the ones Reichardt directs: Her camera moves slowly, and she accumulates tension by showing detail after detail.
  3. “22” merits a B grade. The long final credits, in which Dickson imagines dozens of future scenarios for the undercover boys, kicks it up one notch.
  4. Is “feel-good” a bad word? Critics often think so. But when a movie explores real emotions en route to its gladdening end, when it takes time to touch on serious issues along the way, it earns the right to make us feel good.
  5. The movie ends so abruptly you might wonder if a piece is missing, and it relies on one extraordinary coincidence I couldn’t swallow. Yet scene by scene, I found people I knew or wish I knew: Ben’s romantic advice to the straight but awkward Joey would give any boy confidence about himself.
  6. Winterbottom has darkened the tone: The final scene takes place during a golden sunset that brings no closure to either man.
  7. All are watchable, attractive people who haven't worn out their welcomes. But if they continue to go round and round like this, they may. Aren't more African -American actors waiting in the wings to play romantic leads?
  8. Vertical Limit is like riding a roller coaster for two hours. First it's frighteningly exciting. Then it's mind-numbing
  9. The Rookie is "Rudy" in a baseball uniform.
  10. The lack of attacks lets us concentrate on emotions rather than explosions.
  11. There may not be much meat in Hodges' stew, but the sauce was so tasty I felt satisfied after the light meal.
  12. It offers a grim view of prehistoric life: Carnivores slaughter herbivores, though we're spared most direct shots of this violence.
  13. Like an impressionist painting. Scrutinize it closely, and the details don't make sense individually. Step back from it to study the big picture, and it will make a sweeping effect.
  14. They have turned a brief, appealing, honest autobiography by Susanna Kaysen into a long, appealing, rather dishonest film.
  15. Stuff yourself with popcorn, let the gray matter rest and enjoy what may be the best two hours of nonsense you'll see this year.
  16. The cheesier it got, the more I liked it.
  17. Foggy allegories and misty metaphors.
    • Charlotte Observer
  18. Ali
    Overlong, entertaining, sense-assaulting drama.
  19. Watching Lovely and Amazing is like coming into a long-running, well-written television series where you've missed the first half-dozen episodes and probably won't see the next six.
  20. This is one of the few recent westerns that requires you to keep your eyes open and memory engaged.
  21. A scathing, scurrilous, sometimes silly but often searching comedy about the nature of faith in the 21st century.
  22. State-of-the-art.
  23. Deep as a Canadian lake: Below the placid surface, menacing creatures swim around unseen.
  24. The rest of this well-intentioned picture never reaches (Washington's) level of subtlety and intensity.
  25. Isn't quite smart enough to untangle one large, insoluble problem at the end.
  26. The film isn't quite as striking as its star, but it's just as honest.
  27. For the first time since "Chasing Amy," I realized why people like Ben Affleck.
  28. (Ford and Thomas) give Random Hearts muscle when the story turns flabby, spine where it sags, wings where it threatens to stay earthbound.
    • Charlotte Observer
  29. The sunshine in Sunshine comes from women around him (Fiennes).
  30. John Hancock must be the best filmmaker working in LaPorte County, Ind.

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