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1,438 movie reviews
  1. M. Night Shyamalan has directed movies that are surprising, hokey, suspenseful, sentimental, clever, touching or cheesy. But until After Earth, he hadn’t made any that are dull from end to end.
  2. All performances remain irrelevant in the face of such expensive, explosive combat and destruction, and there the film excels: You will feel blown back into your seat, starting 40 seconds into the story.
  3. Elementary school-age boys may well be delighted, but it offers not a scintilla of stimulation for anyone else.
  4. That’s the problem with Winter’s Tale, which tries to cram too many conflicting stories into one space and ends up defying us to believe any. Call it magic unrealism, a well-intentioned but clunky genre.
  5. Doris Day will be 89 in two weeks, which makes her exactly half a century too old to play the lead in Admission. That’s a pity, as perhaps only she could have done it justice – if it had been made in 1958.
  6. Affleck has two expressions, a smirk and a scowl. Bardem never changes expression at all: Whatever he’s saying comes out with a dispassionate, hangdog glumness. Perhaps he watched the daily rushes once too often.
  7. The audacious ending, though unjustified by what had come before, was clearly something mainstream Hollywood would not have tolerated. Yet the 90 minutes in between, a mass of symbols and improbabilities so great they provoke outright laughter, made me wonder whether aliens stole Bahrani’s brain.
  8. So here I am, trying to like The Purge because I’m drawn to its simple and horrific premise, and it’s treating me (and you) as if we have the IQs of lawn ornaments.
  9. It’s rare that a movie stops making sense before anyone speaks a line of intelligible dialogue, but The Wolverine is a rare movie.
  10. You could dismiss it, as I do, as an impenetrable and insufferable ball of pseudo-philosophic twaddle.
  11. The movie is somewhat below average. The plot doesn't always hold together.
  12. The movie is as padded as Allen's jelly belly.
  13. The opposite of memorable.
  14. Excruciatingly flat comedy.
  15. Feeble, vapid picture.
  16. Visually compelling, relentlessly loud and so shallow you need just a fragment of your brain to follow it.
  17. Puts more miles on plot that was worn out long ago.
  18. As in most cheap futuristic movies, everything is dark or illuminated by a drab bluish glow. The buildings look grubbily similar to each other, so every location has to be identified onscreen. Of course, that saves the audience the trouble of paying attention.
  19. A mind-numbing carnival of violence.
  20. You can get all of this free on television any week, so why pay for it?
  21. Williamson deals mostly in cliches, as if high schoolers weren't smart enough to appreciate anything subtler.
  22. Has the sex appeal of a Road Runner cartoon, one-tenth the laughs and equal plausibility.
  23. Sometimes seems longer than a rainy Super Bowl.
  24. He (Murphy) can't make chicken a la king from the chicken manure supplied by the writers.
  25. Once, for no reason, Franklin whirled the camera around 360 degrees while two people were having an ordinary conversation. I suspect he must have been as bored by then as I was.
  26. Just a great, empty wind machine.
  27. It's blah. Worse than blah, actually, because it's so stupid.
  28. Though the writing doesn't work, you have to give Burns credit for shrewd direction. He gets the best performances I've seen from Graham and Murphy.
  29. A mediocrity at any time, because of its implausible script and bland characters.
  30. If you have a strong stomach, a weak sense of disbelief, an active interest in Denzel Washington or Angelina Jolie and a temporarily inactive brain, you may enjoy it awhile.

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