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  1. So here I am, trying to like The Purge because I’m drawn to its simple and horrific premise, and it’s treating me (and you) as if we have the IQs of lawn ornaments.
  2. Affleck has two expressions, a smirk and a scowl. Bardem never changes expression at all: Whatever he’s saying comes out with a dispassionate, hangdog glumness. Perhaps he watched the daily rushes once too often.
  3. Though the film sat in drydock for a year, partly so technicians could convert it to 3-D, it looks as dull as it sounds.
  4. Doris Day will be 89 in two weeks, which makes her exactly half a century too old to play the lead in Admission. That’s a pity, as perhaps only she could have done it justice – if it had been made in 1958.
  5. The audacious ending, though unjustified by what had come before, was clearly something mainstream Hollywood would not have tolerated. Yet the 90 minutes in between, a mass of symbols and improbabilities so great they provoke outright laughter, made me wonder whether aliens stole Bahrani’s brain.
  6. It’s rare that a movie stops making sense before anyone speaks a line of intelligible dialogue, but The Wolverine is a rare movie.
  7. Mighty Joe Young is based on the 1949 film of the same name, and it's nominally more aware of '90s concerns: destruction of the gorillas' habitats, illegal hunting, trade in animal body parts. On the other hand, it's no more enlightened about the intrinsic value of these clever, emotionally complex creatures. [25 Dec 1998, p.13E]
    • Charlotte Observer
  8. Schwarzenegger, weathered and ironic, strides through the film with old-fashioned authority. Except for Clarke, who walks an ambiguous line between heroism and sinister monomania, only Big Arnie leaves the slightest impression after the credits roll.
  9. You can get all of this free on television any week, so why pay for it?
  10. This film might have been daringly funny 10 years ago, even with its broadest elements intact. Now it's comfortable as old slippers and unthreatening as a sleeping kitten.
  11. The hot comic du jour wants to startle us but is merely startlingly dull.
  12. Passed as slowly as if I'd been sitting naked on an igloo, Formula 51 sank from quirky to jerky to utter turkey.
  13. The worst thing about the picture is that the people involved all seem to realize it's generic.
  14. We waited 10 years for a sequel to the movie version of "The X-Files" – and the best Chris Carter could do is The X-Files: I Want to Believe?
  15. Epps emerges mostly unscathed, and Dutton gives an excellent performance; he's as able before the camera as he is inept behind it.
  16. You cannot always judge movies by their titles, but you sometimes get good advice. The sequel Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, supplies its own five-word review.
  17. Angelina Jolie is definitely worth her salt as an action hero, but Salt is never worth its Angelina Jolie.
  18. Director David Gordon Green steers a clumsy course between crass humor and sudden drama.
  19. See not only the original "Detective" but the Steve Martin-Bernadette Peters film "Pennies From Heaven." If you insist on giving Downey and company $8 instead, you'll be getting wooden nickels from Hell.
  20. No movie this year will better embody Macbeth's description of life itself: "a tale ... full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
  21. How bad, really, could it be? I couldn't have guessed.
  22. Martin, who plays Clouseau and wrote the script with Len Blum, has completely mishandled the character.
  23. Souza and Shelton throw in all kinds of ridiculous devices they learned in second-year screenwriting class.
  24. OK, so no plot, really.
  25. If you get past the preposterous hypothesis at the start of Return to Me, you'll find a passably pleasant, utterly bland romantic comedy without a surprise to its 110 minutes.
  26. You could dismiss it, as I do, as an impenetrable and insufferable ball of pseudo-philosophic twaddle.
  27. The Truth About that this "Charade" remake is a lumpen bore.
  28. What a riveting movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen might have been! And what a rickety mess it turned out to be when the people responsible lost faith in the origin of the material!
  29. The final sad joke is this: Weitz took a wonderful story about the danger of severing a soul from its otherwise empty body and did that very thing to his source.
  30. Visually compelling, relentlessly loud and so shallow you need just a fragment of your brain to follow it.

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