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  1. Depp accepts the character and all of its baggage, and works without a net.
  2. The movie gets the job done, and the actors show a lot of confidence in occupying that tricky middle ground between controlled satire and comic overkill. It's fun.
  3. I recommend that Kelly keep right on cutting until he whittles it down to a ukulele pick.
  4. Here are people who do not allow the use of their last names, yet they cheerfully have sex in front of the camera -- and even willingly participate in scenes that make them look cruel, twisted, reckless and perhaps deranged.
  5. Uusually satisfying in the way it unfolds.
  6. America's Sweethearts recycles "Singin' in the Rain" but lacks the sassy genius of that 1952 musical, which is still the best comedy ever made about Hollywood.
  7. There isn't a lot in the movie that is funny.
  8. There’s nothing offensive in the relentlessly upbeat Tio Papi. It’s just all so polite and saccharine. Life lessons are learned every few minutes, and the ending is telegraphed from the beginning.
  9. This is actually a pretty good thriller, based more on character and plot than on action for its own sake. The need to construct killings that look like accidents adds to the interest.
  10. Flashes of inspiration illuminate stretches of routine sitcom material; it's the kind of movie where the audience laughs loudly and then falls silent for the next five minutes.
  11. The movie has elements of the genre and lacks only pacing and plausibility. You wait through scenes that unfold with maddening deliberation, hoping for a payoff--and when it comes, you feel cheated.
  12. But when you think of the "Babe" pictures, and indeed even an animated cartoon like "Home on the Range," you realize Stripes is on autopilot with all of the usual elements: a heroine missing one parent, an animal missing both, an underdog (or underzebra), cute animals, the big race.
  13. The word preposterous is too moderate to describe Eagle Eye. This film contains not a single plausible moment after the opening sequence, and that's borderline. It's not an assault on intelligence. It's an assault on consciousness.
  14. City Slickers II, subtitled The Legend of Curly's Gold, makes the mistake of thinking we care more about the gold than about the city slickers. Like too many sequels, it has forgotten what the first film was really about. Slickers II is about the MacGuffin instead of the characters.
  15. The skullcap moment appealed to me. It was new. Not much else is new in Survival of the Dead.
  16. OK, OK. They're good dancers, and well-choreographed. You can see the movie for that and be charitable about the moronic plot.
  17. [An] unabashedly derivative but nonetheless entertaining, pitch-black Norwegian crime comedy.
  18. "Star Trek V" is pretty much of a mess - a movie that betrays all the signs of having gone into production at a point where the script doctoring should have begun in earnest. There is no clear line from the beginning of the movie to the end, not much danger, no characters to really care about, little suspense, uninteresting or incomprehensible villains, and a great deal of small talk and pointless dead ends. Of all of the "Star Trek" movies, this is the worst.
  19. Ewan McGregor is a versatile and durable actor who has spent a lot of time on film sets, and someday he might become an accomplished filmmaker, but his feature directorial debut is one of the most unfortunate literary adaptations in recent memory.
  20. What is it about Indiana that inspires movies about small-town dreamers who come from behind to win?
  21. She (Taymor) doesn't capture Shakespeare's tone (or his meaning, I believe), but she certainly has boldness in her reinvention.
  22. A faithful remake of the 1976 film, and that's a relief; it depends on characters and situations and doesn't go berserk with visuals.
  23. Gandolfini comes in from left field and provides a character with dimensions and surprises, bringing out the best in Roberts. Their dialogue scenes are the best reason to see the movie.
  24. Liv Tyler is a very particular talent who has sometimes been misused by directors more in love with her beauty than with her appropriateness for their story. Here she is perfectly cast.
  25. As an idea, the film is fascinating, but as an experience it grows tedious; the concerts lack closeups, the sex lacks context, and Antarctica could use a few penguins.
  26. It's pleasant enough as a date movie, but that's all.
  27. Rod is played by Andy Samberg from "Saturday Night Live," who on the basis of this film, I think, could become a very big star.
  28. It’s meant to be a soufflé-light charmer, but the bland, predictable French comedy Le Chef basically falls flat.
  29. A film that begins in intrigue, develops in fascination and ends in a train wreck. It goes spectacularly wrong, and yet it contains such a gripping performance by Robin Wright Penn that it succeeds, in a way, despite itself.
  30. It says something for Robert Downey Jr. that in a movie where a man becomes a dog, Downey creates the weirdest character.

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