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  1. Turns out to be nothing special. Well, the music is. The storytelling is not.
  2. The very elements of Eat Pray Love that helped make it a success in 40 languages -- the breezy prose, the relentless sorting-through of dissatisfactions, a steady stream of intriguing sights -- turn the film into a travelogue with a little spiritual questing on the side.
  3. Legendary is so intent on paying heartfelt tribute to dogged young athletes that it neglects basic story needs.
  4. By the two-hour mark the fun had oozed out of the movie for me. It's long. Or feels it.
  5. To work, it has to make us feel crazy with love, like "Vertigo" did. Instead, it often just makes us feel crazy for believing any of it.
  6. The only people humiliated, really, are older people and heavy people and nerds and vegans and black people and mothers who breast-feed their 4-year-olds. Everybody else gets a pass.
  7. It's one of those fast, slick, half-smart shows that can't decide whether to pay its debts to action or reality -- and winds up cheating both.
  8. Proceed with caution to "Warcraft," but there is entertainment to be found here. It's certainly more absorbing than the lazily assembled "Alice Through the Looking Glass," because Jones' exertion and drive behind the film is palpable, if a bit sweaty.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Although Scream 3 is often clever in the way it interweaves the worlds of "Scream," "Stab" and life outside the theater, it's not exactly groundbreaking.
  9. Though the movie is pretty stereotypical and sometimes crude, it also has a sweet laid-back temper. It has amusing moments.
  10. At one point Rourke delivers a monologue about his time in Bosnia, and the conviction the actor brings to the occasion throws the movie completely out of whack. What's actual acting doing in a movie like this?
  11. Now You See Me 2 is more fun than "Now You See Me," which says something, I guess. It fits snugly in the long list of easygoing nothings, the narrative equivalent of a Fruit Roll-Up, designed to be forgotten in as many minutes as they took to watch.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    A muddy, dreamlike Portuguese offering.
  12. May try to revive the eerie spirit of the Gothic novel, but, unless you're suffering from amnesia yourself, it probably won't surprise or thrill you.
  13. Screen chemistry between two individuals isn't really a pass/fail proposition. There are degrees involved. But let's pretend otherwise and say yes, Smith and Robbie pass, barely, with less than flying colors and in a pretty dull movie.
  14. Duchovny and Moore have their moments; they're like two preening sharks working on commission.
  15. The main problem with the movie is the by now shopworn nature of its setting. Been there, snipped it. Though dating from venerable material, The Salon turns out to be one haircut too many.
  16. Just a vehicle for Carrey to do his hyperactive shtick. He has some entertaining bits, such as his rain-drenched meltdown in which he victimizes some stunned innocents, but he’s working so strenuously that at times he’s hard to watch.
  17. Bold, experimental, off-the-wall kicky and utterly exasperating.
  18. All in all? A curious preachment yarn for peace, one which makes you wonder if the filmmakers couldn't wait to get to the climactic aerial dogfights.
  19. Walken is an odd choice for a D.C. power player, wasting his creepiness on this straight, respectable role.
  20. Seyfried's a good actress, but all the art direction in the world can't make this version of events the stuff either of dreams or of nightmares.
  21. Even with Levy and O'Hara and Shandling adding what they can, you can only enjoy the voices behind the critters so much when the images fall so short.
  22. Lawrence and Zahn generate enough comic tension and mayhem to jump-start this mass of action-comedy cliches into a fairly amusing show.
  23. As much as the film may try to peddle warmth and solidarity, it remains disturbingly cold and impersonal, limited by the formulaic writing of Bob Tzudiker and Noni White and stymied by Ortega's apparent distance from his cast. [10 Apr 1992]
    • Chicago Tribune
  24. Too much of the contrasting comedy in Nanny McPhee Returns is shrill, laden with routine computer-generated effects and pounded into dust by James Newton Howard's shut-up-already musical score.
  25. Strives to be nothing more than easygoing and heartwarming.
  26. Remains watchable when it's not hitting you like a baseball bat with poignancy. But by the time you've endured all of the shamelessly manipulative plot turns and heart-yanking speeches that close out the movie, all you can do is cry foul.
  27. A surer hand behind the camera might’ve finessed the jokes more effectively, or established a consistent and satisfying tone.
    • 40 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    I never lost awareness that I was watching actors speaking lines, not real people --a problem I didn't have in the more unreal "Life Is Beautiful."

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