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3983 movie reviews
  1. One of Hollywood's bloodiest and goofiest adaptations.
  2. The story is silly, the acting is campy, the effects are amusingly tacky. A mildly entertaining romp that pokes refreshing fun at its own occasional violence.
  3. The picture has fine ensemble acting and superb Italian scenery. It would have more power if it were shorter and tighter.
  4. The characters are hardly original...but Stone puts them into play with his usual fever-pitch gusto, producing what's probably the most heart-pounding gridiron movie ever made.
  5. The end result smacks more of Hollywood melodrama than true compassion for the suffering poor.
  6. Less a biography than an essay on theatrical illusion and the changing nature of comedy. Love it or hate it, you've never seen anything quite like it.
  7. Too chilly and distanced to build the emotional impact it would like to have.
  8. For a movie about people with hugely complicated inner lives, this sadly unconvincing drama stays resolutely on the surface, rarely hinting at anything like an insight or idea.
  9. Brilliantly acted, sumptuously filmed, and overflowing with mellifluous music.
  10. Doesn't develop enough momentum to justify its too-long running time.
  11. Lacks the subtle sense of mystery that distinguished E.B. White's lovely novel, but nicely conveys its playful spirit and amiable tone.
  12. Kids may yawn at the movie's dawdling pace.
  13. Has a mixture of strengths and limitations often found in historical epics: lots of eye-filling action and spectacle, little in the way of psychology or human interest.
  14. There's precious little to think about despite the screenplay's comic-philosophical musings on fate and coincidence.
  15. Leaves out portions of John Irving's novel that would have given it more balance and perspective, but the acting by Maguire and Caine is first-rate by any standard.
  16. Some may find the movie too crowded and preachy to serve as a meaningful history lesson, but it will delight anyone who thinks our cynical age could benefit from recalling the vigorous idealism and venturesome artistry of a bygone era.
  17. Its view of spiritual healing is closer to Spielberg fantasy than religious insight. Still, its good acting and good intentions will be enough to please many viewers.
  18. Director Koepp relies more heavily on editing tricks than old-fashioned atmosphere.
  19. The material is familiar and the ending is corny, but Huston's acting and directing keep the comedy-drama likable if not very imaginative.
  20. Splendid acting helps Jordan achieve most of his goals, although some may find the romantic and religious elements an uneasy mixture.
  21. Weaver is superb in a movie as scary and provocative as the timely subject it explores.
  22. Campion is an imaginative filmmaker, but here she reduces a fascinating subject to a two-character soap opera that often seems contrived on both spiritual and psychological levels.
  23. Penn's excellent acting doesn't raise his character above the level of familiar clichés about woman-chasing jazzmen.
  24. The story is as rambling as the characters, but superb acting by McTeer and Brown goes a long way toward redeeming it.
  25. The movie is longer and slower than necessary, but it explores interesting questions of wartime violence, personal integrity, and what it means to come of age in a society ripping apart at the seams.
  26. Too bad (Arnold) can't save the movie from it's superstitious clap-trap, sadistic violence, and sheer silliness.
  27. The story is surprising, the screenplay is witty, and the animation is wonderfully creative. A super sequel.
  28. This noisy, disorganized story is riddled with clichés, stereotypes, and self-indulgence from beginning to end.
  29. If moviegoers really thought about the violence, sexism, and materialism at the core of the series, the whole shebang might vanish overnight.
  30. Lots of brilliant filmmaking and high-spirited acting, at least until the story turns repetitious and formulaic in the last 30 minutes.

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