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  1. Politics and humanism find an engrossing balance in this ambitious drama based on the life of Reinaldo Arenas, a gay Cuban poet who was persecuted by the homophobic Castro regime.
  2. The film is a real rarity, made even more so by the fact that what has moved us so profoundly are a bunch of pop-eyed plasticine figures.
  3. Director Paul Greengrass downplays the movie's travelogue aspects by repeating the bobbly, hand-held camera style he used on "The Bourne Supremacy." It's not a style I'm fond of.
  4. Farhadi’s new film, The Salesman, isn’t his best, or even second best, but it offers up glints of what, at times, makes him one of the best directors around.
  5. Wittily written and deliciously acted, Lonergan's debut film is a clear cut above the average.
  6. Has a sense of emotional urgency and deep-dwelling grief.
  7. Despite its blunt characterizations and simplifications, City of Life and Death, through the inexorable pileup of gruesome detail, achieves an epic vision of horror.
  8. The plot may be a bit too busy, but a great wash of transcendent imagery floods the screen. If I had to recommend the best children’s film out there for all ages, this one, and “The Tale of Princess Kaguya,” would easily top the charts.
  9. Amy
    A powerful, and powerfully sad, experience.
  10. Intermittently powerful drama explores a cross-cultural estrangement.
  11. As thin and jokey as this movie often is, I prefer it to the serioso treatment that usually encrusts this type of material. At its best, The Savages captures the lunacy that comes with coping with sorrow.
  12. Whatever it is, Exit Through the Gift Shop is an original.
  13. The story gains most of its dramatic impact from superbly understated acting and Christopher Doyle's atmospheric camera work.
  14. One of the most dreamily unsettling documentaries ever made.
  15. The interaction between soldiers and captives becomes a microcosm for an entire culture. It's a wisp of a movie but it has stayed with me longer than much supposedly weightier fare.
  16. Sweep aside the gross-outs and you've got the family values comedy of the year.
  17. Superb acting and authentic details energize this rare Iran/Iraq coproduction.
  18. DiCaprio's performance is a revelation only for those who have underestimated him. In Scorsese's previous films, "The Gangs of New York" and "The Aviator," he seemed callow and miscast, but here he has the presence of a full-bodied adult. He's grown into his emotions.
  19. The rock scene hasn't been the same since this hilarious 1984 comedy.
  20. Kim's movie conjures a sense of spiritual discipline as suspenseful as it is stunning to watch and exhilarating to contemplate.
  21. Full of bright colors, offbeat people, tuneful sounds.
  22. Bracingly perceptive about the human comedy.
  23. It's a beautifully modulated performance of a man whose presence, at times, seems on the verge of vanishing – not a bad attribute for a spy.
  24. Best where it counts the most - in its recognition of how difficult it will be for Dan and Drey to turn their lives around.
  25. An amazing, galvanic experience. It's about the hushed-up story of Benito Mussolini's first wife and child, but no one will ever mistake this movie for a standard biopic. It's too raw, too primal.
  26. As one of Booker's supporters notes, it's a sad day when academic success is used to denigrate an African-American.
  27. Results are illuminating, harrowing, and riveting.
  28. The movie is a portrait, not a polemic -- but I can't imagine an attentive viewer leaving Love & Diane without increased understanding and concern with regard to inner-city life.
  29. Nicholson makes the movie so poignant that it's hard to resist, but I wonder if Payne and Taylor are rejecting the skeptical attitudes of their other films to become more popular, hoping a softer emotional tone will help this picture win the Oscars that have eluded their more tough-minded works.
  30. A walloping entertainment, brimming with the magic-realist action that made Ang Lee's somewhat similar "Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" a hit.

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