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3,478 movie reviews
  1. Overwritten and overcooked, Remember Me still manages a few explosive sequences between Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan.
  2. It's fun to watch superheroes who aren't quite at ease with their abilities, but "The Incredibles" - last year's similarly themed animated film - is livelier and funnier.
  3. By turns fascinating and infuriating.
  4. Despite its deficiencies, and the inadequate screen time allotted to Theron (who's quite good), Sleepwalking has a core of feeling. It's about a do-gooder who, lacking all skills for it, does good anyway. His emotional odyssey has real poignancy.
  5. You'll enjoy this sentimental drama if you feel good intentions are their own reward, at least where movies are concerned; but it'll exasperate you if you want your entertainment to have some connection with the world we actually live in.
  6. The first hour is eloquent and true. Once the story takes its big turn toward tragedy, though, it becomes predictable and sentimental.
  7. The movie takes fascinating material and transforms it into a routine soap opera.
  8. Denis's pungent images create a nightmarish mood but don't bring full artistic coherence to her odd mix of gothic horror and postmodern reverie.
  9. For most of the way this ecofriendly fantasy is pleasantly clunky, and Reeves, whose expressive range here is slim to none, is perfectly cast as the alien.
  10. The action is as grisly as it is surrealistic.
  11. Too crisp and calculated to match the moods of its wild and woolly characters, and its interwoven subplots lead to predictable outcomes.
  12. This woozily uplifting saga is big on homilies and deficient in just about everything else.
  13. How does all this play out for those of us – i.e., me – who have not been staying up nights fretting over the origins of the X-Men and Women? The answer is: Fairly well.
  14. It's not only light, it's thin. It's self-deprecating to a fault. Reynolds is required to practically wink at the audience, as if to say,"I know this looks silly."
  15. Although there's quite a bit of nudity and sex, the potentially sensationalistic story is acted with sincerity and directed with a creative eye.
  16. The movie is lively, funny, and endearing until melodramatics and sentimentality take over in the last few scenes.
  17. This well-meaning drama was made with obvious passion.
  18. Mostly trite and tacky despite Robin Williams's strenuous acting.
  19. This belated "reimagining" is as beguiling as a dried-out palm tree.
  20. Medusa, at least, is fun to watch, and, as a bonus, we in the audience don’t have to worry about turning to stone (although, watching this film, your eyelids do get awfully heavy).
  21. Such a feeble excuse for an action comedy that it's already taken pride of place in my upcoming worst-movies-of-2011 list.
  22. The comically tinged action is as lively as it is brainless, and it revels in violence a bit less eagerly than many thrillers of its ilk.
  23. The movie's real spectacle is the sight of so many talented people slogging through such idiotic material.
  24. Interesting as anthropology, although the subject won't appeal to many people.
  25. Too bad the clever bits are swamped by no-brainer gunfights, rescues, and chases galore.
  26. A more contrived and tenuous premise you would be hard-pressed to find, although, since this is a romantic comedy, suspension of disbelief comes with the territory.
  27. The best thing The Edge of Love could do for you is to send you back to Thomas's poetry. Dash this folderol.
  28. Levinson made a great political comedy once, "Wag the Dog," but that had a script by David Mamet. Here, Levinson seems to be torn between making a political jest and a suspense thriller. Neither works.
  29. Murphy gives one of his more-restrained performances, which suits the mood of carefully contained mayhem established by Steve Carr, the director.
  30. The movie morphs into a deconstructed remake of "Indecent Exposure" and it's downright riveting, with Campbell doing her best acting to date.

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