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For 758 reviews, this publication has graded:
  • 57% higher than the average critic
  • 3% same as the average critic
  • 40% lower than the average critic
On average, this publication grades 6.3 points lower than other critics. (0-100 point scale)
Average Game review score: 68
Highest review score: 100 Ninja Gaiden Black
Lowest review score: 0 Winx Club
Score distribution:
758 game reviews
    • 34 Metascore
    • 15 Critic Score
    For this pile of crap with a multitude of problems, no variety and fewer options than virtually every Bomberman game released since the 16-bit era, do you know what the asking price is? Oh, no, this isn’t some bargain bin title – they’re charging a full $50 for this sick, anorexic puppy. Do I even need to go on?
    • tbd Metascore
    • 15 Critic Score
    If you're a six year-old blind girl who likes fashion, I'm sure you'll think this game is absolutely fantastic.
    • 31 Metascore
    • 15 Critic Score
    As far as I can tell, Zoey 101: Field Trip Fiasco is not a game. It is a despicable attempt to steal your money.
    • 46 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    Even for a quick rush license game, this a new standard in how incomplete a game could be. What troubles most is that each of the games feels like a flash game. These could all easily be played on a keyboard and mouse, than any controller let alone the Wii Remote.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    This game is one uncreative mess.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    There have already been so many Naruto games, that this was bound to be bad. With too little focus on game construction, this ends up being more generic than Dollar Store toothpaste.
    • 56 Metascore
    • 5 Critic Score
    The whole game is plodding and repetitive, and it doesn't have a single redeeming quality.
    • tbd Metascore
    • 0 Critic Score
    A hideous gaping maw of evil. It will make you sick, if you buy it for your kids they will hate you. If this is what the industry thinks will get more girls to play games then we need different girls.

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