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5,319 movie reviews
  1. There's a relaxed, unforced, melancholy sweetness and swing to this modest iteration of the "Big Chill/Return of the Secaucus 7" formula, a pleasing directorial debut for screenwriter Jamie Linden (We Are Marshall).
  2. In a staring contest with his audience, Solondz never blinks. He picks and picks at the themes that consume him, and he doesn't care who stays and who leaves. Me, I'm rapt.
  3. Ziplessness has rarely looked so inviting, nor have a couple of actors seemed so much like real people -- attractive, but hardly hunks of perfection -- who happened to get lucky, and are delighted to throw some of their guiltless good fortune our way.
  4. While each Yorkshire playmate-of-the-month warmly assesses her own undewy flesh, the movie gives off a happy vibe of appreciation -- for the dignity of the real Rylstone lot, the actresses who play them so lovingly, and the simple, flower-bed borders of the story.
  5. The Cove is the rare documentary specifically designed as a thriller.
  6. Best of all, a revisit with Jedi makes a viewer appreciate spectacle, presentation, mythology -- that, and the power of a bitchin' helmet to speak volumes in a language even an alien can understand. [Special Edition]
  7. The Raid 2 will make you feel like Christmas came nine months early. Some action sequels don't know when to say when. But here's one where too much is just the right amount.
  8. Paranoid Park has the slightly glum insularity of minimalist fiction, but it's the first of Van Sant's blitzed-generation films in which a young man wakes up instead of shutting down.
  9. Director Nabil Ayouch hammers his points rather bluntly, but his filmmaking is hypnotic.
  10. A big, juicy, enjoyable wide-canvas biography with a handful of indelible moments.
  11. The serious struggle in this lilting doc is told with an inviting light touch and a big heart.
  12. Savages is Oliver Stone doing what he should have done a long time ago: making a tricky, amoral, down-and-dirty crime thriller that's blessedly free of any social, topical, or political relevance.
  13. Hip, funny, mostly nonmusical, decidedly non- epic family picture.
  14. 9
    Storyboarded with precision, and enhanced with a resonant score by Deborah Lurie, Acker’s handsome, feature-length 9 is, for all its visual flights of fancy, grounded in an apocalypse-proof message graspable by any schoolchild.
  15. Unlike the first two Decline films, this one is only tangentially concerned with music.
  16. These movie guys specialize in snapping vignettes of human inconsistency - no fancy lighting required.
  17. Shine beams with warmth, sensitivity, and fine taste.
    • Entertainment Weekly
  18. The Debt is basically an entertaining riff on "Munich." It's about a (fictional) operation of top secret Israeli revenge, carried out by three highly trained agents whose plan goes off the rails in ways that are more fascinating than the mission itself.
  19. Undeniably powerful, the work also comes with its own built-in shield against feeling any one character's difficulties too deeply, or for too long.
  20. When they're good, the Yes Men are astonishing, anarchic sights to behold.
  21. Stronger on beautiful imagery than on narrative flow.
  22. The observations about parenthood, pro and con, are quick and smart, and Scott effortlessly steals the show, softening Westfeldt's brittle cuteness.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    All in all, Future II is another fantastic voyage in a thoroughly entertaining contraption.
  23. At the bone, Zombieland is a polished, very funny road picture shaped by wisenheimer cable-TV sensibilities and starring four likable actors, each with an influential following.
  24. A denouement more textbook than thrilling stalls some of the movie's power. But the early chills are potent, intense.
  25. Imamura's delight in the infinite oddity of men and women is goofy; it's also, at heart, reverent.
  26. What makes The Hunting Party an original, gonzo treat is the way that Shepard plants the movie's tone somewhere between hair-trigger investigative danger and the from-the-frying-pan-into-the-fire glee of a Hope/Crosby picture.
  27. A tough, authentic street drama born, bred, and shot in the no-spin zone of working-class South Boston.
  28. The performances are relaxed. The open-ended, vignette-like structure of the filmmaking sometimes imitates the movement of weary, life-worn men nursing liquor.
  29. As long as it showcases the art of krump, underscoring the dancers with ominous hip-hop beats, Rize is such a vibrant eruption of motion and attitude that you can forgive the film for being disorganized and too skimpy on street-dance history.

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