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  1. The villainous Polluter-in-Chief is eloquently played by Robert Knepper, familiarly loathsome as T-Bag on Fox's "Prison Break." And when Knepper and Statham get together, there's a fine showdown of grimaces.
  2. A little of this sort of thing goes a long way, but no one does it better than Myers.
  3. That Griffin tells some of the most intolerant jokes since Andrew Dice Clay should hardly obscure his talent, even if it does tarnish it.
  4. Bears the weight of too many genres jostling for screen time.
  5. The hilarious Malkovich, coiffed in an artful pageboy and savoring a fruity French accent, would overpower the competition on sheer thespian madness.
  6. Has a loosey-goosey, what-the-hell spirit that's easy and fun to hook into.
  7. Even Helen Mirren, the Queen Midas of class acting, can’t fix this well-intentioned miss.
  8. The director, Tom Kalin, stages acid duels, but he should have provided more psychological structure. Though Moore, a great actress, turns fury into verbal music, we're never quite sure what's driving her.
  9. Natalie Portman demonstrates tour de force weeping in the back of a taxi as an American searching for her roots in Israel.
  10. I'm as touched and charmed by its failures as I am transfixed, at times, by its successful inventiveness and audacity.
  11. Where the movie falters is in sustaining the tricky balance between pastoral life lessons and creepy suspense.
  12. A hit-or-miss affair that starts out wobbly and then gathers comic momentum.
  13. Scenes between YSL and rock-steady lover Pierre Bergé (Guillaume Gallienne) spark, but the film stays too reverent to truly turn heads.
  14. Fails to recapture the elemental magic of Star Wars, and that, ironically, is because it represents the coarse culmination of the original film's adrenaline aesthetic.
  15. The movie is a rigged game of clichés and platitudes, but fans will be pleased by additional proof that Latifah is a lovable Queen but not a pampered princess.
  16. A majority oriented movie that assumes sophisticated familiarity with a sexual minority.
  17. Acting doesn't get more personal, or much greater.
  18. It's scariest as a parable about the evil that exists in the hearts of adolescent boys.
  19. The hoofbeats are seismic, the music is like hot cheese, and the sandy vistas thrill appropriately: It's a perfectly rousing Ben-Her of a centerpiece.
  20. The words belong to Mr. Shakespeare. All else in this Macbeth is the pleasurably fevered invention of brash Australian director Geoffrey Wright.
  21. What a fun-dumb relief! In the isolationist Expendables world, all foreigners are bad news. All buddy bonding is done with a wink. All pretenses of art are checked at the door. Someone even says, ''I'll be back.'' (Guess who?)
  22. A little bit obsessed with replication.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Surprisingly good, and surprisingly gruesome, fun.
  23. Going the Distance may be a minor movie, but it's also the rare romantic comedy in which you can actually believe what you're seeing.
  24. After a while, a didactic overdeliberateness seeps into Noé's design, but there's no doubt that he's a new kind of dark film wizard: a poet of apocalyptic shock.
  25. It's hard to deny that Gallo has caught the freedom and melancholy, the intoxicating aimlessness, the lonely twilight beauty of a solo road trip in a way that no previous filmmaker quite has.
  26. Coffey, a tart comic mind who should cast his net farther from the 405, pads his story with more and more familiar degradations, and Watts plays each one to the hilt.
  27. Step Brothers is a Judd Apatow production and it's the closest that the Apatow factory has come to spitting out a dumb-and-dumber high-concept comedy.
  28. It's really a one-joke movie, but the joke is a good one.
  29. The cast is tasty, including Vincent D'Onofrio as a friendly fellow Mob guy, Val Kilmer as the head of the Cleveland PD, Christopher Walken as an underworld power broker, and a bunch of character actors hoping for a remake of "The Sopranos."

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