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  1. This peter Berg-produced show is filmed in a low-key style that makes Roach's life seem all the more dramatic. [27 Jan 2012, p.68]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  2. 24's best seasons have always hinged on a central, tantalizing character... This year could finally be Jack's turn to fascinate.... Otherwise, this round of mayhem has little to differentiate itself. [19 Jan 2007, p.67]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  3. At its strongest, it freshens those themes without melodrama, opting instead for slow-boil tension. The challenge for this artful series is whether that boiling point is too slow for viewers raised on WWE Raw and mixed martial arts.
  4. It's grim but exhilarating: a portrait of an artist chronicling despair.
  5. It's loose and rambling; its dramatic climaxes don't coincide neatly with the conclusion of any given episode. Its dialogue, overseen by creator David Simon ... is so good it often sounds improvised. One criticism of the show I've read is that it's repetitive (in showing the slow process of how the police bring down bad guys). But what those critics don't get is that those qualities are exactly what make 'The Wire' the funkiest cop show on TV.
  6. Smash is often enjoyable. [3/10 Feb 2012, p.101]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  7. This handsomely produced experimental series ought to please flexible fans. [30 Mar 2007, p.62]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  8. With Bauer's audience-alienating daughter, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), sent packing, the snazzy new cast members should keep the series moving at a nice clip.
  9. Turner and Tovey get the best material, while Crichlow mopes a lot. Then again, she's a ghost, so let's cut her some slack.
  10. Spotless is messy, and Grondin is a bit of a blank, but the pilot promises gruesome-funny delights. [13 Nov 2015, p.57]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  11. It's Quantum Leap meets The Streets of San Francisco--with narry a C, S, or I in sight. [28 Jul 2006, p.56]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  12. The result is thirtysomething crossed with The Waltons — and I mean that as a compliment.
  13. The underrated bigamy show returns from a too-long hiatus with a plot-packed season 3 opener, and, not for the first time, the females deliver the best moments.
  14. The con-man-works-with-G-man series is already a well-oiled machine, which is both good and bad. Good, because the interplay between Matt Bomer's hipster criminal and Tim DeKay's square fed is crisp; bad because the plots are often wilted.
  15. The abundance of flaws--a sluggish pace, thinly stretched plots--can't smother everything interesting. ... Luke Cage is a meaningful attempt at developing a new-model black hero. [30 Sep 2016, p.48]
  16. This isn't much different from Season 1--confusion, frustration, bell-bottoms--but it's still a good, uneasy time. [14 Dec 2007, p.62]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  17. As usual with TWD, it's hard to say where the season will go next. But judging by the premiere, it'll be worth the walk. [9 Oct 2015]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  18. One of The West Wing's executive producers is ER's John Wells, and the new series replicates that show's swooping cameras and frenetic pace. Combine this visual style with a slightly toned-down version of the overlapping dialogue Sorkin uses in his other series, ABC's Sports Night, and you've got one zippy little hour. That's good, because when you stop and examine each plot strand, the show starts to unravel.
  19. The show may not click with everyone, but it left me electrified.
  20. Work of Art remains TV's most enjoyable high/low, art/TV example of...cultural hybridity!
  21. The series is imbued with retro cool and, similar to the winking hindsight of Mad Men, takes pleasure in mixing a complicated past with a keen sense of pop. [19 Jun 2015, p.57]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  22. [A] mechanically contrived show ... [but] it sure can be cozy, and cozy tends to get better ratings than clever.
  23. It's a slower-paced, smaller-scale show about the sad reality of sticking it out in Hollywood into middle age. It also veers into weirder territory that would feel impossible outside California. But thanks to the chemistry between Peet and Zissis, it's endlessly engrossing.
  24. Riley Keough makes an intriguing figure, at once more empowered and more desperate than her cinema alter ego. I have no clue if this is a profound mediation on intimacy or a daylight-noir origin story for Basic Instinct, but I'm hooked. [1/8 Apr 2016, p.101]
  25. The Game is next-level entertainment, courtesy of smart scripts and a cast of finely drawn characters.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    One of many delights about the pilot for Crazy Ex Girlfriend is that it resonates with her [Rachel Bloom's] distinctive voice.
  26. This wittily raunchy spy spoof from Adam Reed (Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo) features intentionally stiff cartoon characters led by the title hero.
  27. Sometimes Dr. Katz is a little too early-period Woody Allen — more whines than jokes. But so far, Dr. Katz has proved capable of a brisk originality.
  28. While the show's attempt to please different generations is sometimes more jarring than jocular, this episode does feature the best non sequitur gag you're ever likely to hear about the Parliament song "Aqua Boogie."
  29. By making Ben Gideon the head of a teaching hospital, [Paul] Attanasio created the opportunity for Braugher to use his grave, grandly expressive voice to deliver long speeches to a classroom of awestruck medical students. Unfortunately, what Attanasio intends as a showcase — a gift to both his star and his audience — ends up making Gideon seem like a boring gasbag.

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