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  1. The show satisfyingly keeps up that ultra-creepy vibe. [24 Feb/3 Mar 2017, p.90]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  2. What grips you and holds you are the marvelous performances by huge stars of today playing huge stars of yester-year.
  3. Wise steals this, show, and his costars aren't easy prey. What's more, the dynamic is quite clever. [28 Sep 2007, p.94]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  4. What may at first seem too-familiar story is in fact a surprising and compelling portrait of someone we all think we know. [4 Nov 2016, p.55]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  5. Dorrit is a gripping whodunit, a grand romance, and a timely rags-to-riches-and-back-again tale of financial corruption.
  6. Though Helena Bonham Carter struggles to get Taylor's voice just right--it sounds more like a Madeline Kahn impression--she's a gas as aging party girl Liz. Dominic West's Dick, meanwhile, is a model of worldweary dignity. If only they, and their film, were quite as gloriously messy as Liz and Dick themselves. [18 Oct 2013, p.60]
  7. The biggest worry with The Nine is that its mystery will start to crumble after a dozen episodes or so. But for now, it's one smooth, creepy, cool operation.
  8. The always imperiled, always plucky Baudelaire children are well cast, and everything works to create a resonant saga about heroism in a world made mad and near meaningless by adult mismanagement. [13 Jan 2017, p.56]
  9. The premiere suffers from a premise of scattered characters and broken relationships, which subverts emotional resonance, and the decision to be a two-hour event. ... But there’s an abundance of artfulness, and Malek is electric.
  10. The show's biggest weakness is the same as Jessica's: It starts out with extraordinary potential, but somewhere along the way, it loses what makes it special. [20/27 Nov 2015, p.99]
  11. The extended action sequences leave less time for the franchise's signature adult-friendly heart and wit, but there's are still some great sight gags and winking references. [5 Dec 2014, p.76]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  12. Hoechlin nails the bespectacled, gawky side of Clark Kent, and if he doesn’t seem quite as intense as other on-screen Supermen, the Teen Wolf alum hits the right, big-brotherly vibe with Benoist. Still, more doesn’t always mean merrier: The second season premiere fails to take flight in its clunky introductions of new villains (look, a new Luthor — sort of!) and explosive-but-tiresome action sequences. ... Instead, the hour shines most when it focuses on Kara’s struggle.
  13. The whole production is a model of subtle adaptation.
  14. Mirren's Elzabeth is emotional... But with that comes soemthing as rare on TV as it is rewarding--a love affair involving people over the age of 50. [21 Apr 2006, p.67]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  15. [GLOW] takes everything over-the-top about professional wrestling, pushes it to higher levels of absurdity and melodrama, and finds something deeply personal, explicitly political, and wonderfully brute-force awesome.
  16. Watching Jerry, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, and Michael Richards bounce off Larry David makes you realize what Curb had been missing: worthy opponents for Larry to argue and scheme with.
  17. With fewer constraints, the show has more room to breathe, making it feel less rushed and chaotic. [11 Sep 2015, p.56]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  18. Filled with more shoulder pads than an episode of The Golden Girls, the special is actually at its best between songs when Gaga dishes out hilarious asides like "The only thing better than a unicorn is a gay unicorn."
  19. The whole season promises to be about head-spinning paradox, as exec producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg and their writers are boldly venturing into multiverse territory.
  20. Outspoken yet charismatic, politically radical yet traditionalist in his love of family, the man is captured in all his complexity.
  21. The story is a little sweet, a little uncomfortable, and very Chuck Lorre.
  22. The season is peppered with great cameos and supporting players, but elevating and humanizing it all is a magnificent performance by Shawkat. She turns Dory into a funny, affecting, even profound cautionary tale about finding meaning in someone else’s life.
  23. Scott is terrific as the conflicted son who's something of a sap, a patsy for Patty and Winstone. Plus, we're promised more Ted Danson as Arthur Frobisher, a reason for celebration. And the bottom line on Close is: Nobody upstages Patty. It's the character's curse, and the actress' triumph.
  24. Such a nice surprise: A sharply written show about a mother-daughter relationship filled with vibrant emotions instead of cheap sarcasm.
  25. There's all the slamming violence you might want in your gas-fumed escapism, mingled with real-world difficulties.
  26. One of the addictive things about Damages is its ability to work what initially seems to be a peripheral character like Olyphant's into the series' core plot in a startling way. All credit is due to the show's creators--brothers Glenn and Todd A. Kessler and Daniel Zelman--who wrote the first two episodes with smoothly intricate plotting and bursts of melodrama that rarely spill over the top.
  27. The cast is charming and there's a refreshing honesty about Cam. [3 Oct 2014, p.67]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  28. The science/star-power combo lends both a sense of urgency and a cinematic sparkle. [11 Apr 2014, p.60]
    • Entertainment Weekly
  29. What makes Veronica so strangely touching is that on a larger scale, her quest mirrors the common teen conundrum: My family's screwed up, and I'm not cool enough. How can I fix it?
  30. The premiere episode of Dharma & Greg delivers rather more than you might expect; it has the zing of a '30s screwball comedy.

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