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5,248 movie reviews
  1. Every porridgy inmate in this instantly forgettable romp warbles in the prison's amateur musical, and one of them demonstrates a rather extreme devotion to the tomatoes he grows in the on-site greenhouse.
  2. The fusion of cheekiness and deliberately overscaled fantasy never jells.
  3. Garish, squeal-pitched preteen comedy.
    • 19 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    Director Walter Hill won't take credit for Supernova... Can you blame him?
  4. This sequel adds more insults and injuries that could traumatize little ones. Most frightening of all, the ending leaves the door open for ''103 Dalmatians,'' which would certainly constitute Cruella and unusual punishment.
    • Entertainment Weekly
    • 16 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    If you put the scripts for ''West Side Story,'' ''Mean Streets,'' and ''The Warriors'' in a blender, you might wind up with something like Deuces Wild, a preposterously melodramatic paean to gang-member teens in Brooklyn circa 1958.
  5. A film not even a star as foxed and foxy as Johnny Depp himself could save.
  6. Has all the mood enhancing flavor of a tropical cocktail made with watered down rum and fake fruit juice.
  7. This toothless thriller...feels like a strained reworking of ''The Fugitive.''
    • 46 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    As campy as a flick by Banderas' evident artistic mentor, Pedro Almódovar.
  8. The characters who cross paths here in the hard shadows of late-'90s New York City are meant to convey loneliness, bitterness, neediness, loss, and bad karma. Mostly, they convey bad Sundance.
  9. This cinematic stiff should have stayed buried.
  10. How lame have high-concept, no-brain comedies gotten?
  11. Nobody's got a clue. Enquiring minds don't even want to know.
  12. A recitation of woes doesn't constitute a plot, and panoramic shots of migrating wildlife don't convey enough African flavor.
  13. McCarthy's rawhide has become movie Naugahyde, a substance unknown in literature or in nature.
  14. The Avengers is too enervated to qualify as even a full-scale disaster.
  15. Few comedies have worked this hard to make everyone on screen look this dumb.
  16. The movie doesn't so much extend Schwartzman's antic outsider persona from ''Rushmore'' as uglify it, reducing him to the ultimate Uncool Anti-WASP.
  17. The endless, numbing sameness of it all.
  18. It just makes you want to flip on the tube to see the real (fake) thing.
  19. Really, the sole favor Dolman does the plucky Hawn is to light her rear end so that its continued gloriousness can be appreciated.
  20. The Medallion makes you long for Tucker -- and for Jackie Chan to fly without digital wings.
  21. Silly, undone by lack of faith in its own subject.
  22. It's like the worst movie Jean-Claude Van Damme never made.
  23. Empty jokes hang heavy.
  24. Features the dullest, least lifelike collection of pals this side of "Eyes Wide Shut."
    • Entertainment Weekly
  25. If you've always longed to see a Cold War satire done in the hit 'em over the head frantic camp mode of ''Love, American Style,'' then Company Man is the movie for you.
  26. No worse than any disease-of-the-week TV movie, and no more moralistic than any Lifetime drama. But it's no better, either, and it ought to be.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 33 Critic Score
    Bogusly wholesome six-gun dud.

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