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  1. Les Liaisons Dangereuses is such an elaborate and satisfying structure of deceit and salaciousness that every attempt I have seen to adapt it on film -- "Dangerous Liaisons," "Cruel Intentions," even the trashy 1959 Roger Vadim version -- has resulted in an entertainment of agreeable nasty elegance. Until now.
  2. A thriller that wheezes along on bits and pieces of ''character.''
  3. The real soullessness here is built into the production, a polished adaptation of Hong Kong-style filmmaking that, with its cast of depressive characters, allows for little Hong Kong-style joy.
  4. Clint Eastwood's American Sniper is a film that evokes complicated emotions. A month after seeing it, you might still be wrestling with whether it's powerful, profound, or propaganda.
  5. Tthis isn't just any setup, is it: It's suds being sold as ethno-sensitive reality, a case of coveting thy neighbor's fiesta.
  6. The movie is so busy turning the Sioux characters into photogenic saints that it never quite allows them the complications of human beings.
  7. The movie is so prefab, so plastically aware of being ''corny,'' ''romantic,'' and ''old-fashioned,'' that it feels programmed to make you fall in love with it.
  8. Any random episode of Law & Order would be more sophisticated than this heavy-handed, moralistic Southern-lawyer corn pone, directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
  9. Inland Empire is so locked up in David Lynch's brain that it never burrows its way into ours.
  10. The biggest surprise in Shame is how distanced, passionless, and merely skin-deep the director's attention is - how little he cares about the subject of his own movie.
  11. 12
    Has none of the crisp passion or suspense of the 1957 Sidney Lumet version; it's bloated, heavy-handed, and lugubrious.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Alan Paton's seminal novel of apartheid in 1940s South Africa receives a sanitized and overly sentimental treatment, trivializing the book's relentless power.
  12. In Land of the Dead there are virtually no good parts. The movie is listless and uninspired.
  13. Parents can trust that none of their wee ones will ask for a stuffed water horse for Christmas. The star of this Scottish fable, about the mythical Loch Ness monster, looks like a raw chicken breast with teeth when he hatches.
  14. The energy is sapped by clinging condescension in the guise of compassionate liberalism.
  15. Only pretends to care about good people who sometimes do bad things. In fact, it hasn't got time for the pain.
  16. With Intolerable Cruelty, though, something scares me: I cannot detect a heartbeat of feeling, no matter how close I press a stethoscope against the star machinery of George Clooney and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
  17. It's too bad that the film was directed by the Norwegian minimalist Bent Hamer (Kitchen Stories), who makes a fetish of building scenes around silence.
  18. Lee's performance is by far the best thing about The Crow. Unfortunately, he's just good enough to make you wish that the movie had had a whisper of storytelling invention to go along with its showy visual design.
  19. Skillfully made, yet the film would have been better if it had tapped a bit of that Walken madness.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    The film, which sparked enough controversy that French theaters refused to pick it up, spends too much time bogged down in its more decadent scenes to spark any new insights.
  20. Technical elegance and fine performances mask the shallowness of a story as simpleminded as the '50s TV to which it condescends; certainly it's got none of the depth, poignance, and brilliance of "The Truman Show," the recent TV-is-stifling drama that immediately comes to mind.
  21. Gentle Bingenheimer, who retreats from being ''figured out,'' is dubiously honored with unenlightened commentary by people hell-bent on doing so.
  22. Elegant yet surprisingly remote royal-court drama.
  23. As it moves from the drizzly to the overly stormy, Rain freights a young girl's self-destructive eagerness to lose her virginity with so much danger and even horror that it's as if the events were trying to make up for the film's previous lack of drama.
  24. The aliens aren't particularly scary or funny, and so the joke of watching Smith and Jones crack wise in their faces wears thin.
  25. The events may be accurate, but Mesrine is so episodic that it's slightly maddening to watch.
  26. This makes for a friendly romp, and also a dull one.
  27. Little more than a plodding celebration of global television trumping everything in its midst.
  28. More calculated than a Starbucks sampler CD, the picture could win the up-from-hardship award.

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