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  1. Fuller and company do an impressive job of balancing Lecter's machinations, Graham's emotional problems, and the other killers that Graham and Crawford have to stop, in a way that never descends into formula.
  2. As a drama, Banshee is preposterous. It is ludicrous. It regularly defies laws of both plausibility and physics, and there's usually at least one moment per episode where I have to pause the action because I can't stop laughing at how ridiculous it all is.... And that is why I've come to love it.
  3. Silly or sober, Louie is one of the best shows on television.
  4. It's a perfect marriage of creative team, channel and subject.
  5. Jessica Jones is unlike anything Marvel or DC has tried in the live-action realm, and it's excellent.
  6. The season as a whole is terrific, and comes very satisfyingly full circle with all of its stories, but you might want to give the first two episodes a try tomorrow and then loop back later to watch the rest in a smaller window.
  7. This is an absolute: Top of the Lake is great.
  8. Homeland functions terrifically as both a thriller and a commentary on our post-post-9/11 world, where the War on Terror and the concept of being constantly under surveillance are both facts of life.
  9. It's a treat to be back in this world again, and perhaps by the end of this season I'll feel happier about the crime arc than I did about the spy stuff.
  10. I'm reluctant to praise Togetherness too much, because the smallness of the story and the performances doesn't really work well with overhype.... But it's a really well-executed version of what it is.
  11. Darn it if Justified showrunner Graham Yost and company haven't found a way to equal--if not top--that bunch [of opponents], while at the same time building on the lessons they learned in the first season.
  12. It's not an ambitious show. It doesn't have the historical sweep and dazzling visuals of something like HBO's upcoming "Boardwalk Empire." Yet in trying to tell good old-fashioned detective stories featuring a pair of leads I kept wanting to spend time with, it quickly joined "Boardwalk" as one of my two favorite new shows of this fall.
  13. The darker and more complicated life gets for the Sons, the better the TV show tends to be. And based on the four episodes I've seen, Sons is still at the incredible level it achieved a year ago, when it became one of the best dramas on television.
  14. Thanks to the sharp writing of Warren Leight and a revelatory lead performance by obscure journeyman actor Holt McCallany, Lights Out is a reminder of why Hollywood keeps making boxing stories. Because when they're done well, they're irresistible.
  15. In season two, the strengths of Treme remain strengths, while some of the show's weaknesses have been much improved.
  16. It's so small and spare and simple, and yet it can be incredibly effective at what it does. Nice to have it back.
  17. The characters are so richly-drawn, and so wonderfully-played, that the exposition ultimately isn't that great a stumbling block. I wanted to know more about these characters, and within an episode or so was eager for any bit of backstory that helped better clarify all the relationships.
  18. The Honorable Woman is really a thriller and, at its best, it's on a level with something like "Homeland" at its best.
  19. The ideas behind most of these developments are fine, but they get thrown at the viewer so haphazardly as to require dramatic organ music when each is introduced.
  20. It gets a lot of laughs out of life in the military while still demonstrating respect for the military and its soldiers, and genuine affection for its characters.
  21. The three episodes FOX sent to critics are impressively well-balanced, not to mention coherent by Empire "standards."
  22. Overall, The Mindy Project is a comedy that arrives knowing what it wants to be and what kinds of stories and jokes it wants to tell.
  23. UnReal is simultaneously a very dark satire of reality TV and a soap opera that breathes new life into old tropes by placing them in this very familiar, modern setting. The story of the making of a show like this is ultimately far more exciting than the shows themselves seem to be.
  24. The whole story comes nicely full-circle by the end, and all the hijinks and heartbreak are accompanied by a fine soundtrack of '80s tunes that haven't been overplayed in other period movies. It's fun (if only occasionally of the laugh out loud variety).
  25. They're solid additions to the brand, very entertaining and well worth your time if, like me, you're a fan of sports documentaries and appreciate that ESPN's approach with this series creates a string of idiosyncratic, original films.
  26. Game of Thrones remains a very entertaining series set in a very rich world. But the longer it’s on, the more it feels like Benioff and Weiss are only scratching the surface of that world--even if that may be the only way to coherently explore it.
  27. It's not wildly funny in the early going, but there's a sense of confidence in the material, the tone and the world, and the creative team doesn't ask you to buy into things that aren't necessary.
  28. It was addictive then, and it's addictive now.
  29. It evokes "Oz" in a very, very good way: it doesn't feel quite like anything that's been put on television (if we're still calling Netflix "television") before.
  30. If it were just a collection of well-choreographed explosions and gunfire, it would still be an entertaining watch. But there's a genuine effort made to show the impact of all this mayhem on both the men perpetuating it and the people who are witnesses and/or victims to it.

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