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  1. The Honorable Woman is really a thriller and, at its best, it's on a level with something like "Homeland" at its best.
  2. The ideas behind most of these developments are fine, but they get thrown at the viewer so haphazardly as to require dramatic organ music when each is introduced.
  3. It gets a lot of laughs out of life in the military while still demonstrating respect for the military and its soldiers, and genuine affection for its characters.
  4. Overall, The Mindy Project is a comedy that arrives knowing what it wants to be and what kinds of stories and jokes it wants to tell.
  5. They're solid additions to the brand, very entertaining and well worth your time if, like me, you're a fan of sports documentaries and appreciate that ESPN's approach with this series creates a string of idiosyncratic, original films.
  6. Game of Thrones remains a very entertaining series set in a very rich world. But the longer it’s on, the more it feels like Benioff and Weiss are only scratching the surface of that world--even if that may be the only way to coherently explore it.
  7. It's not wildly funny in the early going, but there's a sense of confidence in the material, the tone and the world, and the creative team doesn't ask you to buy into things that aren't necessary.
  8. It evokes "Oz" in a very, very good way: it doesn't feel quite like anything that's been put on television (if we're still calling Netflix "television") before.
  9. If it were just a collection of well-choreographed explosions and gunfire, it would still be an entertaining watch. But there's a genuine effort made to show the impact of all this mayhem on both the men perpetuating it and the people who are witnesses and/or victims to it.
  10. The exhaustive nature of it, and the intimacy that Scorsese and his collaborators develop with both their subject and those who knew him, makes it into something more than a three-plus hour rehash of an oft-told tale.
  11. If I began watching Better Call Saul! as a skeptic, the first three episodes have mostly made me a believer. There are nods to the parent show--and those are among the more emotionally affecting parts of this young series--but Saul quickly learns to function as its own thing.
  12. The pilot itself is among the best you'll see this fall. It looks great, the two leads have instant chemistry, and everything hums along nicely as a slightly larger-than-life crime saga.
  13. If the show takes a while to warm up--and seems to hit certain character beats, like Thack's cocaine addiction, or his feelings towards rookie nurse Lucy Elkins (Eve Hewson), over and over again--it builds in the way you would hope a modern cable drama season would, and many of the repetitive earlier scenes wind up laying a foundation for major shifts in the season's second half.
  14. The season's first two episodes aren't as consistently funny as last spring's best outings, but they do a good job of showcasing both the style of Bob's Burgers and the deep roster of characters the show has already assembled.
  15. It's a show with a much stronger command of its subject matter and awareness of its own strengths and weaknesses--even as The Bridge still seems to be stuck in that nebulous border region separating the pretty good from the genuinely great.
  16. Sometimes, everything's within your grasp, while at other moments one or more things start to slip too far away. But I always applaud the effort, and most of the time the results.
  17. It's the best new comedy of the fall season, and the only new show I genuinely enjoyed from start to finish, rather than having to squint real hard and try to picture what it might look like once the producers figure out what to do with their stars.
  18. Patrick is the only one of the three leads to come entirely into focus over these early episodes.... But there's some excellent raw material in here, even if at times I found myself admiring Looking more than I was liking it.
  19. Beavis and Butt-Head are who they've always been, for ill or (comedically) for good. I'm glad to have them back.
  20. Atwell is so good, and the show has so much fun with the period setting, that it's a really promising start for Agent Carter.
  21. With these characters, with this fascinating, complicated place--and one that's at the forefront of so much of what we're talking about in real world politics--and the sense of atmosphere instilled by directors like Gerardo Naranjo, The Bridge is off to such an outstanding start that I can't wait to see what this creative team does not only with the rest of the serial killer story, but well beyond it.
  22. As original series debuts go, it’s no “Oz” or “The Shield,” but it does the job it sets out to do in entertaining fashion.
  23. A half a loaf is better than none at all. When it's baked by David Simon, Eric Overmyer and George Pelecanos, it's better than most people's full loaf.
  24. The Last Resort pilot episode is far and away the best I watched for this fall season. There are some bumps in the next two episodes, but also some very promising signs that, coupled with the talent involved, has me wanting to believe there is a great series here.
  25. The Strain is packed with so much macabre imagery and so many clever ideas that it doesn't feel like the resuscitation of a tired genre, but the launch of something new and fun.
  26. Michael Hirst's saga of pillaging and migration remains everything it has been almost from its premiere.
  27. There are other half-hours I might recommend first as a holiday binge if you haven't seen them yet. But "Mozart" is an interesting, colorful look at a world I don't know well, filled with fun performances.
  28. We have two likable and funny guys and a lot of untapped material. That's an excellent start.
  29. This is a good, solid show that understands its strengths and keeps playing to them in season 2.
  30. Tom Chadwick is a man with a fixation that’s both reasonable and relatable, and he becomes our tour guide to the familiar, funny Christopher Guest worldview.

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