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7,840 movie reviews
  1. Ready for a singing and dancing "Reservoir Dogs"?
  2. Just the ticket for girls in their early teens.
  3. Implausible at every turn, it offers a dab of quirkiness and edge from writer-director Finn Taylor, but otherwise has nothing for audiences to embrace.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Typical of this movie's cluelessness is the way it cavalierly traffics in stereotypes.
  4. Every generation is entitled to its dopey, sticky junk and, deep into the winter blahs, they don't get stickier or dopier than Snow Dogs.
  5. You can't help but feel that Disney has delivered a turkey for Thanksgiving.
  6. The emotional aspects of the story are treated with such a heavy hand, the supernatural aspects are so vague and uninvolving, and the group dynamic is so unconvincing that one can't quite imagine why anybody bothered.
  7. All strained artifice, inhabited by individuals who either lack dimension or are merely stereotypes. The result is a movie not nearly as amusing as its makers may think.
  8. Low comedy doesn't get any lower than Love Stinks.
  9. Quickly becomes silly and tedious.
  10. While adapting accomplished fiction such as this is a lure Hollywood can never resist, some characters breathe better on the page, and that is the case here.
  11. Has plenty of warmth, affection and conventional wisdom, but too much of the time it plays out in routine fashion with moments of contrivance.
  12. By the time the heavy-handed Solomon & Gaenor is over, it has become such a punishing exercise in the self-evident that one is left numb and eager for escape.
  13. Affleck and Paltrow, who've been excellent elsewhere, display less chemistry than they've shown in magazine photo shoots. Even Woody and Bo Peep had more going on between them in "Toy Story" than these two manage here.
  14. Getting progressively less involving as it goes along, the strongest feeling Series 7 creates is the passionate desire to change the channel and move on.
  15. Li's far too unthreatening a presence to cause much of a stir amid the din of hard rock music and the pall left by fight choreography that has had every last bit of life digitally drained away.
  16. Misfires badly as both an entertainment and a message movie.
  17. There are any number of aspects to The Invisible Circus that simply don't ring true.
  18. One Night at McCool's is one night too much.
  19. Goes into a tailspin after its impressive setup. Its dramatic tactics become so tangled and diffuse that, by the end, you get the feeling that everything gets tied up too hastily.
  20. Might work on the stage but is merely tedious on the screen.
    • 34 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Isn't for teens, it's for the kids who aspire to be teens.
  21. Psycho Beach Party is, from the start, in dire need of the electroshock therapy that Florence ultimately undergoes.
  22. Nothing quite works about The Trumpet of the Swan, one of those animated films that make you realize how hard it is to strike the right tone for a family film.
  23. Not the kind of unwatchable mess you might assume a film withheld from reviewers' scrutiny would be. It is, however, something equally unfortunate: a mess you'd rather not be watching.
  24. Not even the strong, reflective, world-weary presence of Reno or Cassel's energy can make a dent in a movie in which suspense and tension dissipate quickly, with action sequences not spectacular enough to compensate. All that's left is gratuitous gore.
  25. The voyeuristic indulgences of a middle-aged filmmaker playing out his most deep-seated and unresolved sexual fantasies and anxieties.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Like a hall of mirrors, casting back at us distorted images from other movies. It even calls to mind "The Sixth Sense." It isn't engaging in the least.
  26. Can never rise above the melodrama of a past era, despite a splendid, impassioned portrayal by Willem Dafoe and an affecting one by Luo Yan.
  27. Lacks even a vestige of subtlety and is rarely so much as amusing. Viewers with fond memories of the brothers' wildly funny "There's Something About Mary" will be astonished at how few laughs the current venture has.

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