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  1. The entire movie bears the whiff of a vanity project — a modestly budgeted bone Universal Pictures threw at Diesel so he would keep starring in Fast and Furious pictures. Those movies are bank; Riddick is rank.
  2. Hitchcock spends too much time off the set of Psycho, where the real story was, and focuses instead on incidental matters that feel like outtakes. Mother would not have been pleased.
  3. The film will probably play a lot better in dorm rooms with plenty of beer kegs and bongs on hand, but in the confines of a movie theater, it's deadly - the sort of bad comedy Mel Brooks made late in his career, until he finally smartened up and quit.
  4. It takes a concerted effort to make a movie as relentlessly stupid and grating as 15 Minutes.
    • Miami Herald
  5. There isn't a single scene in this story about a traveler from another planet (Jim Caviezel) who crash-lands on Earth during the Iron Age that doesn't remind you of another, better movie.
  6. No atmosphere, no tension -- nothing but Costner, flailing away. It's a buggy drag.
  7. The less said about Simpson's performance the better. From the neck down she fulfills all the requirements, but, honestly, I think General Lee might do a better job with the dialogue.
  8. There is so much that is wrong with The Alamo that it is easier to begin with what the movie gets right: Davy Crockett. As played by Billy Bob Thornton.
  9. Not that the film is so horrendously offensive -- it's almost, and I hesitate to say this, too stupid to provoke insult -- but it's juvenile enough to suck a few IQ points out of any audience member with a brain cell.
  10. An insipid comedy in which the women are shallow, acquisitive, backstabbing, selfish harridans.
  11. Witless, unoriginal mishmash of gangsta-drama clichés.
  12. Getaway makes the Transformers movies seem like they were shot in slow motion. You see all these vehicles smashing into each other, but the movie is never thrilling.
  13. The performances are shaky, rendering Latter Days as a movie that you've seen before, and done better, too.
  14. Mulcahy has style to burn, but he may well have used the script to light it, for Highlander almost never makes any sense. [11 Mar 1986, p.B4]
    • Miami Herald
  15. Here's what is bad: this movie.
  16. The vilest film of the season.
  17. Sometimes it seems as though Hollywood can't make a decent action movie anymore. Now that's a thought to make you go ballistic.
  18. It is a grim and monotonous affair despite the overkill of bad guys -- a trio of evil spirits plus a bonus serial killer -- mixed with a few cheap shocks futilely intended to make the audience jump.
  19. Chasing Papi leaves you wishing Hollywood would just forget about Latinos altogether. If this is how they really see us, I'd rather not know.
  20. The comedy is slapstick, the colors Day Glo, the outcome inevitable.
  21. Humdrum hybrid of stale sitcom characters and creaky sports cliches.
    • Miami Herald
  22. A fluffy, feel-bad drama, with some serious things to say about the viability of homosexual men as fathers and role models.
  23. Illegal Tender is the sort of crime movie in which nothing, not one detail, has been observed from real life; it's composed entirely of fantasies and falsehoods lifted from bad movies and hip-hop videos.
  24. Camp classic? You bet.
  25. No, it's the movie itself -- an unimaginative, generic affair memorable only for its incessant and flagrant plugging of Apple computers and iPods -- that should put a stake through the franchise for good.
  26. Despite the movie's bouncy ebullience (courtesy of a terrific period soundtrack) and dashes of fantasy, the film quickly becomes an endurance test.
  27. There is also a last-minute "Sixth Sense" twist, although it definitely won't make you sit through the movie again to see if the filmmakers cheated.
  28. This movie didn't have to be good, but that it's so boring in its badness is tough to swallow.
  29. Chuck Norris is also in this movie, although you should know that he gets roughly five minutes of screen time, half of those devoted to his telling of a Chuck Norris joke. That is as funny as the movie's self-aware humor gets.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Coincidentally, this is the second movie in two weeks about a haunted seafaring vessel ("Below" is the other), and if you see just one, this shouldn't be it.

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