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  1. Timeline gives Gigli serious competition for worst film of the year honors.
  2. A royal mess, a lethally stupid romantic teen comedy.
  3. Janeane Garofalo is all wrong as the giraffe, whom the animators contort into all manner of weird positions so she can share the frame with pint-size love interest Benny the squirrel (Jim Belushi).
  4. Young girls are the only ones likely to enjoy this vapid road-trip movie.
  5. The brothers (Farrelly) produced Say It Isn't So, which bears their stamp in every frame and features all of the elements their movies are known for, except one: laughter.
    • Miami Herald
  6. Raises a few questions -- like just what were they thinking?
  7. Oddly tone deaf.
  8. It is absolutely, inexcusably terrible.
  9. Inherently laughable, but in all the wrong ways.
  10. Drowns in its own noxious fumes. Who knew being bad could be so dull?
    • Miami Herald
  11. Downright terrible: impossible to enjoy, impossible to believe.
  12. Crushingly inept family comedy.
  13. The dullest, clunkiest, big-budget fantasy since Steven Spielberg flattened Peter Pan in "Hook."
    • Miami Herald
  14. It's all rote, sleep-inducing formula, but it might have still worked if the movie weren't so timid and unimaginative.
  15. "The silence will kill you!" warn the posters for Silent House. That's only if the boredom doesn't get you first, though.
  16. The lack of imagination in Stargate is distressing. Who would agree to fund such an expensive project based on such a perfunctory and dull script? All the creativity here has been spent on nice costumes and some cool morphing Anubis headgear. The story is so cliched it's laughable. [28 Oct 1994, p.G6]
    • Miami Herald
  17. The search for true love is the backbone of romantic comedy as well as the lifeblood of, but this film's clumsy, completely inauthentic portrayal of it is handled in a shockingly tedious fashion.
  18. The enigma of Reeves, sort of a human black hole on screen, works well in "The Matrix" but it drains the life from weepy romance.
  19. Oz the Great and Powerful is an oppressive, bloated bore.
  20. It is a grand-looking, grandly empty pageant.
  21. The film is probably not evil incarnate, but it's so irritating you wish it -- and just about everyone in it -- would just shut up and get out of your room.
  22. Insulting to anyone with a healthy sense of humor and the simple desire to laugh.
  23. There’s exactly one good scene in all of The Hangover Part III, a hilarious bit of business halfway during the end credits that reminds you what made the original film so good.
  24. Unsurprisingly, relentlessly awful.
  25. Man on a Ledge just made me think of an old Van Halen song: Jump.
  26. A Middle Ages "Rocky" that spares no cliche in its unduly long, 2 1/4 hours.
    • Miami Herald
  27. Aggressively, defiantly stupid.
  28. This odious, hypocritical movie marks director David Gordon Green's graduation into full-on hack.
  29. The whole incoherent mess is sort of like a downbeat Gap ad, only longer and a lot more boring.
  30. The idea, I suppose, is that love connects us all, even when it goes wrong. Fortunately, even love doesn't usually go quite so badly as this movie does.

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