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2,996 movie reviews
  1. Mann deserves credit for trying new stuff, of course; The Keep is nothing if not ambitious. But it isn't anything more, either. [20 Dec 1983, p.D5]
    • Miami Herald
  2. A Jerry Bruckheimer production, which gives the movie a disquieting sense of stupidity.
  3. Gives romance a bad name.
  4. PG? Please. Might as well take a kid to Hannibal. At least that one was funnier and didn't implicate any noble breeds in its violence -- just humans.
    • Miami Herald
  5. With Kaboom, Araki takes a huge step backward from the maturity and restraint he demonstrated in 2004's "Mysterious Skin," his best and most-assured film to date.
  6. There are several cameos in For a Good Time, Call… by famous actors portraying the girls' phone-sex clients, including Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen, but they've been clearly been left to improvise, and they don't put much effort into their routines.
  7. Taxes the patience of even the most willing viewer with its sheer nonsense: It's distractingly illogical.
  8. A star rises in the east. A savior is born. Two thousand years later, a surprisingly dull film is made.
  9. Just My Luck is way too long for such a slight premise, and Lohan, so appealing in Mean Girls, is years too young for the part.
  10. Just plain bad. Really, really bad.
  11. A spectacularly mediocre movie.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Stoops well below substituting style for substance.
    • Miami Herald
  12. What ultimately sinks The Visit is that Shyamalan, who had previously come up with new and ingenious ways to frighten us, resorts to familiar jump-scare tactics in which things suddenly pop into the frame, accompanied by loud sound effects. There’s no real sense of danger, no menace.
  13. A devastating lack of romantic connection between its two stars. Lopez had more chemistry with "Enough" co-star Billy Campbell, and for most of that film they were beating the hell out of each other.
  14. This Must Be the Place is as emotionally zonked-out as its protagonist, and just as difficult to warm up to.
  15. With such a large cast, none of the actors is able to turn her character into a fully realized person.
  16. Two for the Money, which was written by Dan Gilroy (Freejack, Chasers), is so badly constructed and illogical that its inanities manage to drown the actor (Pacino) out.
  17. Charmless and grating and immediately forgettable.
  18. The formulae of gal-next-door and big game are followed so slavishly that it's hard to laugh at Teen Wolf even on the rare moments when it is original. The script and the direction are simply too lazy, too contemptuous even of adolescent audiences. [24 Aug 1985, p.C5]
    • Miami Herald
  19. Sober, this kind of material is an acquired taste at best and downright unbearable in stretches. And yet, the movie has the makings of an instant cult classic, sure to grow funnier among its devoted fans with each successive viewing.
  20. The characters in Secretary never feel the least bit human. Their quirks, sexual and otherwise, are all on the surface. Inside, where it counts, nobody's home.
  21. Too bad, though, that whenever the characters stand still to talk, Knight and Day induces stupor in the viewer.
  22. The kind of schlocky, disposable time-killer that once might have starred Jean-Claude Van Damme, The Impostor is a relentlessly dull chase flick with an inexplicably high-toned cast.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    It's not the sort of movie you watch; it's the sort that assaults you.
    • Miami Herald
  23. The sort of entertainment that makes you happy to be grown up and able to avoid the current onslaught of trite, lazy, unimaginative films aimed at tween-agers.
  24. It's up to O'Donnell to carry the show, and he's simply not up to the task.
    • Miami Herald
  25. Sadly, Jupiter Ascending turns out to be the exact opposite: the worst movie the Wachowskis have ever made.
  26. An unsalvageable wreck.
  27. Nothing in it -- plot, dialogue or character development -- reaches today's standards of filmmaking.
  28. There is humor in the familiar just waiting to be rehashed for new generations, and A Guy Thing surely isn't the last stupid leave-'em-at-the-altar film we're likely to see.

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