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  1. Maybe the best way to explain UPN's new drama South Beach is to tell you that when Vanessa Williams warns a young model that ''South Beach will eat you alive,'' I fully expected the next scene to be a horde of zombie parking attendants chewing the entrails of half-naked girls in the lobby of the Delano. Cannibalism is about the only thing missing from this delirious new trashfest of hard bodies and soft brains.
  2. This show just isn't funny. At all. Ever. Under any circumstances.
  3. It sounds smarmy and cliched. But Hidden Hills is really a wry meditation on stale, overworked marriages that's both funny and insightful. [24 Sept 2002, p.E1]
    • Miami Herald
  4. The truth is that Rob is a rather funny sitcom about the cultural collisions that occur every day in an increasingly blended America.
  5. Tr[ies] to distract you from [its] essential awfulness by manipulating the daylights out of you.
  6. As for the lack of laughs, you're just going to have to take my word for it, unless you want to risk serious brain damage.
  7. The network thinks this is razor's-edge television because the characters turn to address the audience during cut-ins. But all the bellowing is straight from The Honeymooners, the jokes from Mandingo and the dialogue... from about sixth grade.
  8. Humdrum.
  9. The new version, with Jonathan Sadowski as Shatner's estranged son seeking to establish a relationship, feels less like a Twitter feed and more like an actual television show--but not a good television show.
  10. The TV show seems fairly faithful to the formula: trite, sappy and predictable, if somewhat sweet and nicely filmed. [29 Oct 1988, p.C1]
    • Miami Herald
  11. Where The Class is warm and charming, Emergency is crude and overdrawn.
  12. Liz & Dick alternates between imbecile fatuity (particularly in its device of intercutting scenes of a black-clad Taylor and Burton musing on their relationship like characters who've wandered in from an East German experimental film) and stupefying literalness.
  13. You can practically feel the IQ points leaking out your ears as you watch.
  14. Despite a decent cast that includes Jon Cryer and Paget Brewster, all the demented characters are too much to take. The trouble with The Trouble With Normal is that it needs some normalcy. [6 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • Miami Herald
  15. Tucker, despite having Katey Sagal from "Married . . . With Children" as Aunt Claire, plays as a weak copy of Malcolm. [2 Oct 2000, p.1E]
    • Miami Herald
  16. A mess.
  17. Makes a solid bid to win the Most Unpleasant Reality Show of All Time award.
  18. Extremely irritating. [26 Sep 1992]
    • Miami Herald
  19. A live-action version of Beavis & Butthead, except with a cast that's considerably less life-like, Modern Men is from the Guys Are Loathsome Pigs And Chicks Must Civilize Them genre that produced Men Behaving Badly, Champs and a bunch of other unwatched and unremembered shows, of which this will soon be one.
  20. A hollow imitation of a sitcom.
  21. Do Not Disturb is apparently trying for an upstairs/downstairs feel, but it comes across more as above-the-waist/below-the-waist.
  22. Uncle Buck is a tasteless, witless disaster. [10 Sept 1990, p.C1]
    • Miami Herald
  23. I'm paying a bounty of $5 per vicious blow administered to the heads of any NBC executive involved in any way with Knight Rider, which cost me an hour of my life and 50 IQ points that I'll never get back.
  24. A crass generation-gap sitcom with the wit if not the intelligence of an elementary-school flatulence contest.
  25. If none of this quite rises to the level of Jon Stewart's intellectual hopscotch or Amy Poehler's inspired lunacy, it's nonetheless agreeably funny.
  26. Yet even in its best moments, Hot Coffee is done in by its essential dishonesty. Saladoff, who learned filmmaking while preparing mini-documentaries for use in trials, is a gifted director with a sure touch for pacing and an extraordinary talent for rendering complex legal doctrine into easily comprehended language. But like any good lawyer--and unlike any good documentarian--she's intent on concealing the weakness in her case.
  27. In Broke, Corben once again displays his astounding narrative skills, weaving a complex tapestry of facts, numbers and anecdotes from dozens of interviews and a mountain of archival footage.
  28. For sheer cheesiness and sociopathology, Investigation Discovery’s bizarre documentary 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover cannot be topped.
  29. Like other creatively ground-breaking series -- it slightly resembles Cheers, St. Elsewhere, Moonlighting and Twin Peaks -- Exposure beguiles its audience with unusual stories that take television to a new frontier. [23 Sept 1991, p.C1]
    • Miami Herald

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