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Average Movie review score: 61
Highest review score: 100 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Lowest review score: 20 The Comedian
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  1. Negative: 51 out of 840
840 movie reviews
  1. Nobody has an excuse for being surprised by how low Sandler and company stoop in That's My Boy.
  2. This is an alternate-history rock 'n' roll saga. It is not Elvis, but Elvis-ish.
  3. While it shows fleeting moments of promise, there's precious little great about The Great Wall. Instead, it should be called "The Ridiculous Wall."
  4. The fight sequences are briskly choreographed at least, gruesome though they are -- and, to be honest, that goes a long way in a film such as this. In fact they may be the only reason to see it, other than the chance to see Van Damme in full Col. Kurtz mode, all face-painted and droopy-eyed and bat-poop crazy.
  5. Unimaginative and painfully generic.
  6. In the half-baked American Reunion, though, they might have accomplished what no previous chapter has: They might have just killed it.
  7. There's really nothing definitive about Emperor. Or memorable, for that matter.
  8. It so shamelessly borrows from so many other movies, and then does absolutely nothing to add to them -- nothing to raise the bar, nothing to make it more interesting, and really nothing to make it the least bit appealing.
  9. In other words, For a Good Time is not a good time. For that, you'll have to dust off your Nintendo and reacquaint yourself with "The Legend of Zelda" -- and hope that one of these days somebody can give "Bridesmaids" some real competition.
  10. Lazy and stupid and unwilling to put forth the effort needed to distinguish itself even from a mediocre Internet video, it all amounts to a forgettable, slapdash bit of comedic nothingness.
  11. It features predictable humor and an underdeveloped story.
  12. No, Funeral Kings isn't quite dead on arrival -- but it's not too far from needing life support.
  13. It's also deeply flawed, an emotionally exhausting film with a payoff that is limited at best, and a bit self-indulgent to boot. So while Haggis has proven himself a first-rate filmmaker and storyteller, by his standards, Third Person is little more than a second-rate effort.
  14. Even when it's at its best, Walk of Shame is rarely more than merely amusing. On the other hand, when it's at its worst, it's nothing short of insulting, thanks to its willingness to engage in the kind of gross stereotyping that treads uncomfortably close to racist territory.
  15. Maybe it would work better if the script -- which is credited to four screenwriters; never a great sign -- was actually funny.
  16. Unfortunately, Think Like a Man Too never takes the time to elevate any of those characters to beyond mere cardboard cutouts.
  17. But artistically interesting only takes a film so far. What it needs are laughs- - or at least a compelling narrative. It's got neither -- with the result being a film that arrives as dead as a certain parrot from a certain skit. One of the funny ones.
  18. The chief problem with such gimmick films -- including Maniac -- is that storytelling so often takes a back seat to the gimmick du jour, resulting movie that can be interesting from a technical perspective but not nearly as compelling as one would want.
  19. This is supposed to be a movie about obsession. Instead it's just cupcake meets beefcake, with a big glass of milk on the side. And that's one Valentine's Day dinner you can easily pass up.
  20. What they're missing here is a story good enough to warrant visiting the same uncomfortably dark place and characters worth caring about. Instead, what we get is a film that boasts tons of atmosphere and flashes of Refn's visual style -- as well as an admirably unhinged performance from Kristen Scott Thomas -- but little else.
  21. Where's a wooden stake when you need one?

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