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847 movie reviews
  1. The result: a fun and sweet romantic comedy that lands comfortably on the smart side of vacant, along the way offering a pleasant and satisfying holiday diversion for the grown-ups in the room.
  2. A dramatic comedy that is light on plot but generous in spirit, a leisurely, understated film that underscores the ever-present modern guilt while -- oddly, given the weightiness of that central conceit -- boasting a satisfying buoyancy.
  3. This is a world where training wheels are called "stabilizers" and where children leave something called "mince pies" for Santa. (Um. Ew?) As a result, the occasional line will fly over your little ones' heads. But you can also expect for them to be charmed by it all.
  4. Being a fan of the character is not a prerequisite for enjoying the film.
  5. In reality, in this age of cookie-cutter entertainment, the movie's success probably is because of Cody's unconventional script. This isn't a silly, disposable, rom-com -- and thank goodness for that.
  6. It's provocative stuff, and The Yes Men approach it with a wicked sense of humor.
  7. Gets considerable gas from the fact that Bateman, Sudeikis and Day so convincingly play three idiotic pals. The real fun, though, is in the fantastic supporting cast.
  8. A refreshingly original take on the comic book adaptation.
  9. The result is a movie that is about as riveting as -- well, as your average Robert Novak column.
  10. Arriving with a savage grace, director Darren Aronofsky's nightmare-come-to-life Black Swan cements his reputation not only as one of the more daring filmmakers of his generation, but also as an actor's director of the first order.
  11. Ends up being a reasonably gripping story of political intrigue, international corruption and one woman's determined fight for justice.
  12. A punch-drunk tale whose fitful ramble from Jerry Springer-style family seaminess to "Rocky"-like triumph is elevated enormously by knockout performances.
  13. Brilliant in its simplicity, as he turns the floor over to the three masters with this simple instruction: The guitar. Discuss.
  14. Only one of a number of recent immigrant tales to hit theaters, but with its blend of sweet humor and topical relevance, it's one of the more compelling -- and surprising -- in some time.
  15. McGlynn's film clocks in at just a shade under two hours, which normally would be a little long for a documentary. In this case, the length not only is warranted but welcomed.
  16. What it lacks in style, however, it more than makes up for in substance, as Shearer -- as smart as he is funny -- has assembled a vital and admirably accessible post-mortem on Hurricane Katrina.
  17. The movie is quietly affecting, as Rush offers a moving and rewarding yarn about the need to move on in the face of personal tragedy, and about the strength of human connections.
  18. Boasting a rock-solid academic architecture, Bhutto is a film bursting at the seams with gravitas.
  19. The kind of indie gem that doesn't come around nearly often enough -- and, when they do, often not enough people go to see them.
  20. The engine that really makes Crazy Stupid Love go is the same one that has made Ficarra and Requa's films to this point so appealing: While they thrust their characters into outrageous situations, they always keep things grounded in real, relatable emotion.
  21. There are moments when the freak-show elements of the film threaten to overpower its message, but that message is such a fascinating one -- and the debate an important one as well -- that The Elephant in the Living Room manages to overcome them.
  22. All in all, Nichols ends up with a richly drawn, and at times disturbing, portrait of one man's descent into madness.
  23. Manages to overcome its flaws and become a charming love letter to love itself -- and a pitch-perfect V-Day date film to boot.
  24. The whole thing is kind of comforting in a damn-the-torpedoes, laugh-at-what-scares-you-most kind of way.
  25. If you're a mom or dad bringing your own little primates to the movie, that's a good thing.
  26. Tony Scott pushes all the right buttons, crafting a worthy -- and in many ways, a superior -- update.
  27. Without the fantastic performances from Gandolfini, Stewart and Leo, it wouldn't hold together nearly as well as it does.
  28. Their story, as told by Pooley, also is a touching and quietly meaningful one, built around themes of tolerance, self-acceptance and unconditional love.
  29. The fact that there are so many good comic bits here allowed Kasdan to assemble a great comic cast.
  30. The Beaver also has a tendency to slip around as it finds its footing. But then the powerful third act comes and Foster, with Gibson's help, hits it home.

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