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  1. If August has turned the children in your life into Bored Girl and Fidget Boy, you could find worse ways to keep them entertained.
  2. Characters seem phony.
  3. Redmon has captured some compelling footage, but his lack of resolution feels like both a copout and a luxury.
  4. Though the director takes a thoughtful approach to the material, mixing humor and poignancy, he undercuts our sympathy considerably by dragging things out to an inexplicably indulgent degree.
  5. As dull and inert as the ink used to print the Gospels of Matthew and Luke that informed Mike Rich's script.
  6. My 3-year-old date had a fine time, pronouncing the movie "very good" and backing up her assessment by going 90 minutes with barely a fidget. Which may actually be the highest compliment any movie can ask for.
  7. Filmmaker Steve Anderson stuffs an astonishing 800-plus mentions of the F-word into this 90-minute documentary. When the spectacle ends, the same question lingers: Why?
  8. The story's unnecessary and unconvincing Russian spies are out of "Rocky & Bullwinkle," but Blair is quite enjoyable as a sassy, capable idealist.
  9. Slight Canadian coming-of-age drama.
  10. Wenham and Porter are appealing actors, and Teplitzky's depiction of their coupling has an unflinching realism.
  11. Watch out for space junk.
  12. The movie clearly portrays how the glory and salvation of being a team hero is ephemeral.
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  13. Lawrence's co-stars are more than ready to provide salty humor while creating a loose, almost improvised feel.
  14. Has so many ideas working in it that they all but suffocate its thin plot.
  15. Generally, one expects political thrillers to offer a little more suspense or excitement, so when this is such a deathly dull affair, you wonder what you might be missing.
  16. Among the cast, Chandrasekhar is easily the funniest of the Lizards, though in fairness, each has his moments. The movie does, too; just expect them to shrink exponentially depending on your level of sobriety.
  17. The movie tends to wander between story lines and characters without any real sense of purpose.
  18. The hand-held camera is much too insinuating for what is essentially a story we have seen many times before. And the cuts and transitions are dizzyingly abrupt.
  19. So French you may have to buy your ticket in euros, Christophe Honoré's musical trifle feels ready-made for emotionally woozy undergraduates.
  20. Director Jodie Foster's Money Monster runs a trim 98 minutes, but it's still not quite worth the investment.
  21. Makes you appreciate opera, or NoDoz.
  22. The tone remains uneasily divided between lightly realistic character comedy and the darkest, chilliest kind of farce.
  23. Three movies in one: a spaghetti Western, an urban drama and a historical epic. All of them suffer from self-indulgent direction, a convoluted script and awkward acting.
  24. The French may be guilty of some bad behavior, but that's no reason to punish them with the shapeless, deceptively crass Le Divorce, a Merchant-Ivory production in which all things Gallic are reduced to quirks of snobbery, misogyny and haute selfishness.
  25. The brutally ironic ending, I might add, won't make anybody very happy about having chosen The Mist for their evening's entertainment.
  26. as stunning and changeable as that Tuscan countryside. Without her, this movie would be irksome, pandering as it does to stereotypes, including that of the American woman who goes abroad for easy sex with limpid-eyed hunks.
  27. It has incest, sweaty armpits, nipple rings, drool, an amputee, a stroke victim and an engagement ring stuck in a sticky place. And Heather Graham. All that, and it's not very funny.
  28. There’s a surprising lack of provocation to this determinedly positive portrait. As a result, the movie often feels like a full-length ad for a great workplace, which just happens to stash whips and chains in the stationery closet.
  29. An ongoing problem is the complete lack of chemistry between the leads.
  30. Chronicles of Riddick is half cheesy, brawny adventure and half … something else. That something else involves a lot of leather, bondage, studded armor and heavy machinery.

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