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  1. His (Bateman) performance is fun. Too bad The Switch is not.
  2. "Vampires" doesn't suck, exactly, but the laziness and lack of imagination kinda bites.
  3. Noble but dull.
  4. Marshall shows off the breathtaking landscape, but with interiors, he populates the ale houses and encampments with cliches - like dueling female warriors, one a mute and the other a white-haired vixen.
  5. There's barely half a film here, stretched and pulled so thin you can nearly see through it.
  6. So now we have a full-length Machete movie, and it turns out that, as usual, less is more.
  7. It's a shame, but perhaps no surprise, that Niederhoffer was unable to transfer her astute vision to the big screen.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Jordan's screenplay aims for a romanticism that the beautiful but stiff Bachleda is unable to fulfill. And the ending, which injects the film's dreamy sensibility with an ugly note of realism, crashes over everything like a frigid wave.
  8. From a consumer perspective, you're better off skipping the movie and putting your money toward their book instead.
  9. The class issues make them pariahs, the love scenes belong on Cinemax After Dark, and the emotions writer-director Catherine Corsini believes are so adult are clichéd. Still, Scott Thomas is beguiling as usual, the one expected thing that's welcome here
  10. The sisters who play Sophie are adorable. And if you happen to be a sleep-deprived parent yourself, there are worse ways to catch a two-hour nap.
  11. The book itself is an easy read -- conveniently enough, it shouldn't take you more than two hours. So you might want to skip the discordant copy, and use that time to discover the real thing.
  12. This taut but cliched little thriller is like "Wait Until Dark" with neo-Nazis.
  13. Strong performances and understated cinematography help balance the self-conscious editing, but ultimately the entire affair feels false.
  14. The only grace notes come from Noah Wyle and Peter Bogdanovich as the two characters who refuse, in different ways, to buy the industry line.
  15. Goes about its game so bloodlessly, the result is some of the most unexciting action and seduction sequences in recent memory.
  16. Sure, sometimes it's fun to be assaulted by sequins, wigs, corsets and retro homage. But Xtina's fans can find all that already - in videos ranging from "Lady Marmalade" to "Ain't No Other Man" - without having to sit through two hours of recycled plots and plastic acting.
  17. While Suvari is especially miscast as a sophisticate, only Richard E. Grant, as a worldly Brit, seems to understand the text.
  18. The final fate of Adolf ­Eichmann is certainly a compelling subject. But its dramatic impact is severely diminished here by stilted filmmaking and wooden performances.
  19. The tone veers wildly, from wacky indie to melodramatic soap opera. Like the other men in her life, Ireland adores Jolene without entirely understanding her.
  20. Every generation gets a "Big Chill," and this tired but well-meaning indie contains many clichés of the "pals-pondering-life" movies that came before.
  21. Director Jaak Kilmi's remembrance of growing up under Soviet rule never tries to be anything more than a curiosity.
  22. The author of "Naked Lunch" and his words were funny, freaky and sometimes just Out There. Yet as "there" became "here," Leyser shows, Burroughs seemed to be everywhere.
  23. It's laughably, eye-rollingly absurd.
  24. Chico Colvard's tragic documentary is blunt and rather artless, but it does make for impactful, and deeply disturbing, viewing.
  25. As for that unpolished screenplay, the less said the better.
  26. If Welcome to the Rileys were a thicker-skinned movie -- if it were the movie it thinks it is -- so much of the outcome wouldn't be telegraphed the minute you read the premise.
  27. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is overhyped as Billy Bob Thornton is slow and steady.
  28. Plays out like a clunky, not-so-incredible "Incredibles," or a more-despicable "Despicable Me."
  29. The trouble starts with the casting. The usually reliable Kevin Spacey never quite gets a handle on Abramoff, an Orthodox Jew devoted to unorthodox business methods.

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